View Full Version : a bit of rage about this games biggest flaws and the devs ingnoring the real problems

04-28-2017, 12:19 AM
honestly devs are you braindead i cant even play right now why give us all this **** this game isnt worth 60$ i tried to like it i rly did but after 110 hours im ****ing done you guys just **** over the entire playerbase every patch you dont have any idea what yo guys are doing just look at the dev streams its like your talking about ******** o ye PK was a little bit to opwerfull you said wtf she was borderline overpowered and warden the ****ing warden you say requires SKILL!!! wtf is wrong with you guys also ubi needs to fix their support the only thing they do is send copy and pasted replies about verifying your game files like **** they just want you to not ask them anything then also you guys add centurion and some what was it ninja type of deal FIX the balance first no lets just add more heros thet are either overpowerd or useless like honestly why makes these decisions is it the devs or ubi who is ****ing us all over the connection issues have been here 4 ****ING MONTHS why isnt it fixed yet this game was advertised like it was gonna be the greatest thing ever but its just lies the faction war ah yes that useless thing that pops up on your screen everytime you start the damm game and also its just dumb you can control the entire map for like 99% of the round and the last few hours lets say the samurai take it all and win that round also the samurai won twice due to connection preventing people from playing but hey no problem right do you know how to develop games do you play online yourself if you did you would know what the problems are and fix them or do you just dont give a **** about you playrbase that paid 60$ for what feels like an alpha also you dont respond to anyone that is talking about the big flaws of this game hell this thread will probaly be ingored cuase well its kinda hating on the devs but not without reason if you guys rly wanted this game to make a comeback cuase currently its pretty dead or atleast unconcious until the dlc is released you would respond to the people complaining about the games current state and if you close this thread maybe atleast tell me why warden requires skill PK isnt op and the connection is rly bad and maybe also why the game breaks every few days

04-28-2017, 12:21 AM
http://s2.quickmeme.com/img/31/319cfe1deb810db0a1a4371f2f92bb4b80fb254eb7c5da9008 d6b52181149262.jpg


04-28-2017, 12:25 AM
more text makes it more intimidating and adds some more rage to the mix