View Full Version : New Game Modes Suggestions for Season 2

04-27-2017, 09:37 PM
Before I start congratulations to the Vikings, before I started this game I never knew Vikings were this popular, The Samurai will be back next season..

ok so I was talking to some people on Facebook For Honor page with my true form lol not my alter-ego.
we came up with two modes that will be fun to add..

1. was Capture & Hold the flag: a 4v4 mode where one team captures an objective and carries it to their side of the map or a point in the map, whilst fighting of attackers/defenders (kind of like how rift works in destiny) tweaks can be made on having a successful drop off where all opposing heroes must be dead or none are at the drop off zone for a successful capture.

2. is a Rumble mode of 8 heroes 1v7 aka Survival of the fittest: its self explanatory, 1 man fights for himself against 7 others who are also fighting is a free for all scenario, so like Skirmish but you are on your own against all. there can be a shared mode like a hunter and prey mode: here there can also be a twist in this mode where you have a hunter and prey buff, where the prey must survive an amount of time and might have a debuff, like maybe speed or something else, and in this time like 3 of the 8 people are prey and 5 hunters, then after a prey is killed a hunter changes to prey randomly so you will have to be looking over your shoulder constantly, after a kill if you were a hunter, on the other side as a prey should you kill someone hunting you, you earn more points than a hunter that killed a prey, something like that.

have a good day Heroes and Dev team