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04-27-2017, 08:48 PM
Getting sick and tired of the dodge costing NO stamina whatsoever. Tired of seeing ******** classes like Kensei, Nobushi, Valkyrie, Peacekeeper just dancing circles getting 1 hit or maybe in PKs case 2 hits and just dodging back or sideways. Should be a stamina hit if you aren't actually dodging an attack. Tired of seeing people using their dodge+attack to evade aoe attacks. Its ********. Its called an AOE attack for a reason. Only a dodge back should allow ANY kind of defence as far as dodging goes. The Orochi and Kensei ballerina side attacks literally flow RIGHT INTO Warden's AOE/Zone attack yet it misses everytime. Its ********.

You really need to just take our 4v4 everything and just leave it as 4vAI cus its the only thing worth doing. BOTs dont ragequit at BREAKING when the first guy gets tossed off a cliff and apparently if you fight bots, you connect like 99% of the time cus the 7 hours you spend watching the match load, you would THINK that the game would notice that 5 people are RED and will auto dissconnect 3 seconds intot the match ****ing EVERYONE in the ***. Match red with red. Left them disconnect amongst themselves.

Really need to add more auto commands or auto texts like ********, or What a LOSER or maybe IDIOT or the best one would be LEARN TO REVIVE MORONn and maybe add a MUTE option to ingame notices like the scrotumsucker who keeps spamming REVIVE ME when its PLAIN to see you are kinda ****ing busy with the two opponents who are mostly kicking your *** and wont let you near the corpse.

Great game. ****ty execution. Im done till your new toons come out. Maybe done till FH2 comes out and see if you guys can maybe get it right but im not going to hold my breath.

Promise you one thing though.. you wont get a ****ing dime out of this guy unless you do. If this was any other product other than a video game, you UBISOFT would be ****ing backrupt by now.

Once bitten i suppose...

Peace out. Enjoy the 3200 people left playing. (Even BO:2 has 15+K players on any given day.. just sayin)

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04-27-2017, 10:50 PM
Oh man, I just thought of a great drinking game for these forums. Drink anytime somebody has a word filtered (due to swearing), and when somebody caps locks' a word.