View Full Version : Xbox One Controller guard switch input delay

04-27-2017, 06:19 AM
I main Orochi and I've recently noticed that while every single other button responds instantly when pressed, there is a delay from when I flick the right thumbstick, and when my guard actually goes up. It is noticeable enough for me to flick the stick quickly, and the stick will be back to neutral position before my Orochi changes guard. Yes I know about the controller deadzones, I've modified mine in Steam big picture mode so there is practically no dead zone left. My for honor is not a native steam game however, so It think that might have something to do with the delay. Could running for honor through steam as a non-native game do that? Please put your thoughts and if anyone has a solution for the love of god help me. I can't even block lights from Berserker/PK/Warden in this state. No I don't need to Get Gud, I can block them fine with a mouse but I rather a controller for movement controls.

Also what the actual **** is with Orochi recovery times? From both whiffing attacks and the stun of taking hits, Orochi takes longer than even Shugoki. Whenever I whiff a guardbreak I can do nothing if i get guardbroken, but a berserker whiffed and I tried guardbreaking him, he countered it.