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04-26-2017, 01:11 PM
Music : G-Eazy - Get Back Up
My First Video
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04-26-2017, 02:49 PM
Not bad editing but it would have been a nice touch if you had included every AC game. And maybe chose music with moments that you could synchronise on screen events... Music and often the lyrcs can set the mood and play a very big part in enhancing a video... it can make or break a video.When the right music is used or not used.

Ubisoft are quite adept at putting a video together themselves and timing the on screen events to the music...

Check out this AC Revelations trailer and note how the music and lyrics compliment each other.


@0.35 the lyrics are "A million mile from home" and Ezio is sailing a boat alone

@0.41 the lyrics are "A soldier on my own" and Ezio is on an open beach with nothing and nobody

@0.43 the lyrics are "I don't know the way" and Ezio is walking through ruins

@0.47 the lyrics are "riding up the heights" Ezio is climbing up a cliff

@0.49 the lyrics are "I'm waiting for the call" and Ezio appears to be perched on a cliff edge almost as if about to do a leap of faith.

@0.52 the lyrics are "I'm ready for the fight" we see Ezio has arrived at his destination... the enemy building ahead of him....

The lyrics continue "and fate" at the exact moment the word fate is sung the music takes a dramatic change AND Ezio is hit in the shoulder with an arrow... synchronised perfectly.

@1.39 the lyrics are just finishing the line "I want to feel the pain and the bitter taste f the blood on my lips again" and Ezio shows his hidden blades in slow motion.

Altair appears when the music changes...

@2.15 Ezio goes outside the tower it is snowing and the lyrics are "The steady burst of snow is burning my hands, I'm frozen to the bones, I am"

Then @2.30 the pause in the music, the sound effect and eagle cry timed perfectly as Ezio's hood is pulled back

Then just wind noise and the sounds of the rope being tightened before the action and music starts again in perfect synch before the fade to black.

Sometimes the scenes need careful editing or slow motion to make them fit the music or lyrics and sometimes the events need to coincide with the dramatic changes or the beat of the music... I think the best way for anyone who likes to edit videos and add music... to improve is to watch music videos.. they may sometimes be just pop culture but in a lott of them the timing of what happens on screen is very well synchronised to the music and lyrics