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04-26-2017, 12:02 AM
There should be a quick in game guide for new player

the main concept of brawl was to surf the battlefield and matchmaking agains't 2 unknown warrior. you have to expect every possible scenario .
You might come across 2 honorable Warden who will never interfere.In that case you have the choice either do the same thing in respect with good manner or t'ill the second you enter the battlefield you strike and kill whatever breath or move around you.

You have the right to keep engaging any alive enemy at any moment

You might as well come across into teams who will feint being honorable and strike you while you where not enough vigilante
There is no law its the jungle out there as soon you hit matchmaking you have to be open minded at all the possible scenario and you should never ask or tell criticise other players way to play in Brawl

If you and your buddy obviously meet ''non-honorable'' brawler just play it that way and at the end if you didnt liked it . quit and find new matchmaking.
It is also very exciting to fight 1V2 in brawl .Because you know there is not gonna be a 3rd and 4rth ganker you focus only on 2 player without feats

In this game you have a high % of mind play you migh play with your raider in a very nasty way and when you pick your nobushi you become a classy litle pr*ck. it is up to you really !

But if your own teammate is not following your obvious playstyle playing For honor just leave and find other matchmaking

This mode is capture and hold position there is not much to say about it.

While boosting a zone is alright if no one come to the flag you are boosting it could be a good idea to go and help teammate.Ganking is very popular in dominion .But ganker team often loose the match at the end.

Here again you should expect and be ready to adapt to any tactiks .Ganking may be needed but sometime you have to see when the best options for your team is to leave the ganking party and run solo to a easy capture zone.

Be smart on triggering enemy revenge or anything like that and please don't share your frustration .while you are typing you are not fighting.

elimination VS skirmish

Seriously ! if you like to run around in party with no objective other than rape souls one by one 4V1.If what you like is massive brawl Go skirmish please !

In elimination there is no objective .there is no real winner at the end.So basicaly you are winning nothing at ganking in elimination you just reduce the game lenght. You can choose to kill the last one standing 2V1,If the last one standing run around of course please gank him hard.Like in brawl 1V2 is really exciting plus there is an audience who can witness all sort of cooll things happen.I have to agree on one thing : it is very boring to die first and have to wathc a terribly long chain of duel ''honorable player'' should go more 2V1 in elimination. It's not a crime !!!

but common don't gank just go skirmish instead.

I am reputation level 25 total and in elimination i will leave the curent game if every round i only end up getting ganked . i know during my game time i will find very good matchmaking where people draw the line between ugly raping ganking game or very intense and exciting 1v1 or 2v1

04-26-2017, 01:23 AM
Thanks for taking the time to explain the game modes for new players, AKDagriZ!

04-26-2017, 04:30 PM