View Full Version : Food For Thought for Ubisoft

04-25-2017, 03:58 PM
I would like to preference this by stating that overall, I greatly enjoy the fighting system of For Honor and I really enjoy playing a game that challenges me to get better. Because of that, I would like to see the game do well and be successful and as such, I just want to throw a few ideas out there and perhaps it will gain some traction and we can see if Ubisoft will implement them into the game. Of course, I need support of the community as always. Now, assuming the servers get corrected with patch 1.06 and the game flows a bit better, I would love to see a few things implemented into the game that I think could make it a lot better.

1. I love the idea of the faction war, the meta game, a larger scale game within the smaller individual battles. Fantastic idea; however, it gets a bit boring and seemingly pointless with territories changing every 6 hours and without any sort of permanent territory gained. Now, the fact that there are different rounds is totally helpful. I think it would be awesome, whether it be through "Events" or something, where once in a round, factions have an opportunity to claim 'permanent' territory for the remainder of the season/round. The most would be 5 territories since there are only 5 rounds; but I think that would give the community a bit more to fight for in the bigger map. Something like that would just really get people into deploying war assets a lot more. It would really make the game multi-faceted, have each small match be part of a much bigger overall game. I love that.

2. Game modes are a really key factor for a game like this in my opinion. Whereas I enjoy the modes that are already here; and I hear that ranked and tournaments style play are coming; which I am excited about; I still think some different game modes would be exciting. I have two in mind that I think would be interesting and appeal to the community hopefully as well.
a. 3v3v3: I would love to see a game mode like this where it was centered around the idea of having all three factions fighting each other. If you're on the vikings faction, you have to be a viking in this game mode and will fight on their team and there will be a team of vikings and knights you have to fight against each round and this could be skirmish, dominion, deathmatch, whatever, but it gives us a bit ore of a loyalty to factions which I think would be appreciated.
b. King of the Hill: Alright so this would be similar to Dominion, but i think it would fun, and chaotic, and some people like that, to have there be one territory to hold and everyone, including the soldiers, have to go it to fight. Yes, it would be brutal and crazy, but I think there is definitely a group of players that enjoy that. The territory could be a castle wall, or even a battering ram that is moving, (Like in Campaign). I think that would be a pretty neat game mode that would be intentionally chaotic and really exciting.

Anyway, just some thoughts on a way to make the game better in MY opinion. But what do I know....I main a LB and clearly he is overpowered now. ;) Thank God....it's about time.....