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04-25-2017, 03:30 AM
i bought an xbox elite controller when the game came out (~february 14) and it's already starting to lose it's click on the left thumbstick (also feels somewhat lose, lost it's tightness).
Apparently playing ~8 hours/day for 2 months and a half will wear out this high-end controller.

I'm looking for alternatives, (ps4 or xbox controllers that'll work well on pc) with greater build quality if possible.
or is the elite controller the top-notch?! (hopefully not)

need something that will still feel tight after an intense 2+ months of gaming every day...
200CA$ for for ~2months ain't cutting it. i'm willing to pay more but it's got to last...

What is the most rugged/high-end controller you can think of for xbox or ps4?