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04-25-2017, 02:35 AM
Is there anything that we could do to get the rewards from community challenges that otherwise will be locked FOREVER? This really bothers me. I bought the Gold Edition of Black Flag, I already finished the game, and I keep seeing these things that will be forever locked.
Can't Ubi just unlock this for everyone or something?

04-25-2017, 02:16 PM
Hi ElianMaier and welcome to the forums.

Although I've never been the sort of person who must unlock every single piece of a game, I do understand why people can get that nice sense of achievement when they have done it. But I can also see the other side of the debate.

The game remains the same now as it did when it first released. The community events were nothing more than a bonus item for the benefit of those who bought when the game was at it's peak.
I know it was not long ago in time three years six months since it's release but since then, Ubisoft has released at least 40 games and some DLC's to my knowledge and are certainly working on a few more projects so Black Flag was 50 games ago to them and the vast majority no longer play it so does it really have the demand for community challenges?

I don't know... either way I assume that when the number of players got so low, Ubisoft may have felt there was no longer enough to keep it going (again I don't know). or maybe there was always a set time period for the bonus of community challenges and once that was over it was over forever.

For all I know, it maybe too expensive or time consuming to keep community challenges going for a just few hundred or thousand players... especially when there are 50 or 60 other games and projects (aimed at millions of customers) that need staff... but who knows.

Personally I do not have a problem with outfits being released after events.... especially as the community challenges are nothing to the game itself, but I'm not sure others would be happy, having taken part in them and completed them to earn the rewards only to see it given away later. It would devalue their achievement.

Unless there was a reason for the community challenges to be re-introduced (maybe a remastered game but it is too soon for that) or the locked outfits became available as DLC or could be unlocked through a new method... they will probably remain locked. But as I said, knowing how much it means to people there might be a solution in the future but I don't how.

Perhaps you should ask for (or offer) suggestions for a way for Ubisoft to unlock the rewards without upsetting those who have earned them.

04-26-2017, 01:35 PM
This game has been in by backlog for years cause real life. So it appears there was at some point a experimental convoluted way of unlocking equipment that has fallen by the wayside for whatever reason. So instead of patching the game to update the now defunct unlocking procedure its just dead and broken?
I agree with OP. Patch a alternative for single player gamers or remove the items altogether.

04-26-2017, 01:57 PM
remove the items altogether.

Actually this is probably the best solution...
All rewards that could be gained from limited events should be removed when the event is over... but that would depend on several things... as long as it didn't cost too much, as long as it didn't affect people who had already got the rewards and as long as it didn't affect a 100% achievement record for those who want to get 100%

I'm not a person who chases 100% but I do not like achievements that require owning DLC or playing multiplayer to get the 100% so maybe there should be 100% achieved in SP and separate 100% for DLC and Multiplayers. That way 100% is always achievable to anyone whichever way they play... as for outfits, sails, figureheads... 1 is the same as any other.

As I already said it wasn't a convoluted way of unlocking equipment, it was a limited time bonus rewards that have no bearing on the game itself. It is no different than if sony released a limited edition PS4 in Assassin's Creed skin and controller... and then a year later complaining to sony you want one even though the limited time has passed. We can still buy a ps4 and controller and they work exactly the same but we just didn't get the reward when it was available. We have to try and see both sides of a debate... not just I want it even though it's not available so give it to me. But I do understand that as they still appear in the game (even though they are locked) it seems as though they are almost unlockable... and so maybe they should be removed (providing it is possible and financially viable) even though it is only affecting a very few people.

Or perhaps they could be unlocked by purchasing them as a DLC if Ubi could be persuaded to put them in a bundle and sell them... you could ask them.

05-03-2017, 07:27 PM
Why do you think that remove the content is the best option? The best option would be to make it available to everyone.
Who cares if some people got it by playing the game two or three years ago? I still paid for the game. It's not my fault that developers chose this bussiness model, nor I was informed of this prior to purchase.
I have content locked in game. The data is there, it only needs to be unlocked.

Altough I appreciate your polite response, I don't understand why the accepted solutions for you would be to prevent new players from getting content, because some people that don't even play the game anymore might get offended. This is all digital, it's not a limited edition nor does involve physical goods.

If someone is offended that I have a life and I can't turn back time, they have bigger problems.

Meanwhile, It would be nice if someone from Ubisoft can confirm if this can be done. Otherwise is just debating what is better. And what is better should always benefit the consumer, not alienate him.

05-03-2017, 11:33 PM
you just proved my point perfectly.

You said "I have content locked in game. The data is there, it only needs to be unlocked."

You want it because you can see it there locked away. The fact that it does absolutely nothing to the game in any way at all is irrelevant to you, it is just on show and for that reason alone, you want it. Some people are compulsive about achieving 100% of the game and 100% of the items... if these were no longer in game you'd have 100%. Everything that you could get.... you would be able to get.

You say the best option is to make it available free to everyone because THAT is the best option that suits you.... nothing wrong with that and I do not care either way but every action a company makes has consequences... and it is very possible that giving away this content to a handful of players who want it, might upset a much larger number of those millions who earned it. Now I am sure you do not care if thousands of people complained on Reddit, Youtube, twitter and the forums as long as you can get something just because you can see it.

But Ubisoft might prefer to keep a lot of customers happy while risking alienating a few who bought at a discounted price... So that is why I said people who want it should either suggest a fair way they can own it or ask for it to be sold as DLC....

Removing it is the best option so people know it is not locked in sight, it is not available ever, problem solved.

You cannot blame a business model on giving away free stuff to the first few customers (in this case millions of customers) who paid full retail price... companies have done that for decades.

It is not the fault of a company if a customer turns up many years later but expects the free bonus that has finished years ago. You cannot go back in time ... But, neither can Ubisoft.

You and I bought a game, the same game, I pre-ordered and played for hundreds of hours and I do not know (or care) if that stuff unlocked because it is such a great game, and that's all that matters ...

05-04-2017, 03:29 PM
I wrote a lot explaining a lot of things, but then I realized that it's not really important what you're assumptions about me or the developer are. So I'm going to limit myself to this:

Can someone from Ubisoft answer my question? Is there a way to unlock these things? Can it be done somehow?


05-04-2017, 06:36 PM
Ubisoft staff do not answer questions like this here...

I'm sorry that you do not like what I am saying, I'm trying to offer reasons that you might understand as to why nobody has ever got them since the event ended so ... I hoped you would think seriously about it and think "yeah, I can understand why they don't unlock.. and they're only a silly outfit and sails, so I'm not going to waste time chasing them"

This is a community forum for players of assassins creed games it is for discussions and self help and tips, a place to post screenshots and discuss game features and the characters. I know lots of people ask technical questions and hardware and internet connection questions here and although people help out, it is not the right place to ask. It is not a Ubisoft support question area....

You could try opening a ticket in support or you could try posting a thread in the technical forum. Here you only discuss with players... nobody here can help you.

I cannot tell you, you will not get them unlocked because I do not work for Ubisoft. What I can tell you is I think that there is a 0% possibility of you unlocking them.
I believe one person started an online petition but in 3 months had less than 30 people sign up. Maybe 10,000 signatures may or may not have been successful.

But you should still send emails and contact support... go to Ubi twitter and Ubi facebook pages.. Only you can decide how much of your life you can afford to spend chasing an outfit and sails.

I really hope you get them but I am sorry to say, I think there is more chance of me becoming the next Pope and winning the lottery jackpot twice without buying a ticket :) .

You've finished the game.. go play a new game then you will not see it any more... there are real problems in life that are far more important than being hung up on a silly outfit in a video game.

05-04-2017, 09:18 PM
Ubisoft staff browse these forums. I've seen their responses. When I contact them through technical support they even give me solutions posted by random users in these forums.
So, maybe they will see this thread. The forum rules state that this forum is also for feedback, be it positive or negative. So here I am, posting my concerns about locked content.

You continue to make assumptions about myself and Ubisoft. I don't know why. You dont know me.

You think I have 0 chances? Maybe.

05-04-2017, 10:46 PM
The moderators and community managers browse these forums to say thank you for positive feedback and to look into problems... This is not a problem it is a request... you have finished the game and now you see a reward you cannot get.. and it bothers you. (if it had been removed and you had not seen it... it would not have bothered you)

People have asked this before and do not get responses to this question here. They will ask it again in the future and still not get a response. Because I do not think anyone knows whether it may happen in the future even though it will probably never happen. Message one of the moderators.... they may say "there is no plan to unlock these, but maybe that will change in the future." I am not sure they could say "it will never happen" because it is probably an executive decision.

But I think there is 0% chance it will happen... if it was going to happen it would have happened shortly after the community events ended and a lot of players had just missed it (maybe a million) but as it has been years and not one of all those people who asked, begged, and got angry has been given them, I don't think it will happen now, sorry... as I said I hope you do get them, but you should really be thinking that it will be impossible and maybe just spend a week at the most trying to get them... it's just an outfit and a sail in a game that you might never play again. And in a months time you will have forgotten it.

05-05-2017, 06:15 PM
Sorry, I don't see the forums the way you do. I don't agree with you in that matter.

Thankfully we are free to post our concerns and ask questions, so Ubisoft staff can see and pass along information to developers. Be it goor or bad. As long as it is constructive.

05-05-2017, 09:19 PM
Hello and welcome!

Appreciate your feedback and I understand the want to obtain the rewards.

The Community Challenges were available for a limited time and we released a Final Schedule (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/902053-ACIV-BF-Community-Events-Schedule) so everyone playing could participate and obtain them before they became unavailable.

I realize this doesn't help you now but I didn't want you to think we were ignoring you.


05-07-2017, 11:44 AM
Sorry for bumping old topic but, when AC3 events become again ? Or special offers to buy warriors outfits.

05-16-2017, 04:08 AM
@Black_Widow9 I'm pretty sure Ubisoft and the rest of the developing team are ignoring us for not giving their fans what they want. We're not demanding that you bring back the Community Challenges. But to the many new fans who feel cheated and disappointed that they can never unlock these items because of the development team's rudeness of not being made available to new players such as myself to unlock these. First off, Why would you make these items available only for a limited time??? That sounds pretty disrespectful to many fans who put in the time and effort in getting these weapons and gears. I just got Black Flag this past January and loved everything about it very much. But to my disappointment, I will never be able to unlock these weapons and gear because of Ubisoft not wanting it to make it available to their fans and to new players who'd pick up a new copy of Black Flag. Is it that hard just to patch these items and letting it be available to everyone in the game? I have been asking in these forums and everywhere else just to make these items available, but I have been getting the cold shoulder...not just by the representatives on the forums but as well from Ubisoft Support. And you do realize that the last scheduled event for fans to get these items on your post is from 2014 right >:( It's been nearly 3 years! You would think Ubisoft have patch this and made it available considering Black Flag was a success for the company. I'm just letting you know now, I will NEVER...NEVER purchased another Ubisoft game until they bring or patch these weapons and gears made available in Black Flag. Ubisoft is beyond greedy and never listen to their fans. Good Day!

05-16-2017, 12:37 PM
Hi Jazz

It is not Ubisofts fault (or your fault) that you did not own the game or participate when the events were run.
These were a limited time free bonus. Some people played during that time and did not bother with the bonus, some people missed the limited time.
None of the items affect the game in any way.
If they were no longer displayed then there would not be a handful of people who want them.
I doubt any company would divert staff away from new projects to work on an old game, to patch or remove items.

I can assure you Ubisoft DOES listen to fans. They send out regular surveys, they have global beta testing with dedicated feedback forums and are always open to suggestions and input from fans.

Ubisoft are definitely NOT greedy, they run a star player program which selects people from around the world and they are treated to an insight of the Ubisoft family.
Ubisoft give away lots of free rewards in the ubi club.
They have big discounts.
During their podcasts, twitch streams they give away thousands of dollars worth of games, collectables, clothing etc...
The staff do charity gaming marathons (and the staff are all game playing fans just like us)
Ubisoft make extras (like the assassin's creed search engine) Ubi club and sites devoted to specific games.
Over the last year they gave away 7 whole games as part of their 30 year celebrations.
They accept uplay points as a 20% discount on their games, rewarding players who have played other games.

I know you are angry because you see and want these items... and you cannot see why Ubisoft will not spare staff and time to work on an old game. But in reality these items are of no use in the game, it is just unfortunate that they are still on display. Enjoy your gaming and try not to let the little things bother you.

05-16-2017, 11:58 PM
Will all due respect @strigoi1958,

You have your opinions and I have mine. I can assure you, they do not listen to their fans. I have searched, asked, and talked to a good amount of people on these forums and they are asking Ubisoft the same question as I have. People want these Community Challenges rewards either available, unlocked, or patch! Is it that hard to do so? And you do know that if not "every", but some Ubisoft games have been made Backwards Compatible for Xbox. So I'm sure Ubisoft had to send some staff in order to work together with Xbox in order to make their games eligible to work from last-gen to new-gen consoles. Sure, the 6 or 7 items that are from the Black Flag Community challenges might not do anything much in the game. But it's good for "Some" players like me to know that they are available to put those items on...just to make the setting look good in the game. Plus, it's good to know that they have everything unlocked in the game and not have to look upset that you have everything unlock in the game, except just these items that are no longer available or ABLE to get anymore. And if Ubisoft does send out regular surveys out, well my friend...Then they are going to receive a good amount of hate from fans because from where I'm at looking at, whether its Facebook or on Twitter. They're receiving some hard backlash because of their servers crashing to not just two, or three, but FOUR games that have had problems with their servers crashing when playing these 4 selected games. Now I'm not blaming their server's for crashing down (considering the fact that I don't own these 4 specific games) but their services stink. I've sent some tickets these past 6 months. Two were only based related to game difficulties, and 4 were just basic simple feedbacks. Ubisoft support said that they'll ask the development team about this particular feedback, and what do you know...They never got back to me about this....A decent reply back on whether the development team got my message or if they're considering to bring it back, but no....Not ONE single feedback or a respond back in regards of my feedback to them. Are you aware of the extreme hard hours of a Ubisoft employee? No? I don't think so, go look on YouTube and type in....Ex-Ubisoft Employee Exposes The Horrors Of The Company. You say Ubisoft is not greedy...Dude, look at how many PLAYERS who bought the Season Pass, Season 1 or Season 2 passes, on these last 3 - 4 games Ubisoft has released...About after a week or 2 of launch, their server's completely crashed and everyone was unable to connect online because of this. Ubisoft is not a friendly company, they're only goal is to make money by making games and making sure their bosses and CEO's are happy just so that the money keeps rolling in. And if the staff are really game-playing-fans...Then why don't they make the Community Challenges Rewards available for ALL PLAYERS! Instead of keeping it LOCKED for the past 3 years the last CC event was listed. You do know that in December 2016 as part of their so called "30 years", only 7 games were available for PC ONLY. I do not play PC, and therefore this was useless for console players. If you still believe Ubisoft is your friend, well my friend you are in denial. Be sure to let me know when you finished watching the video I said above to watch. Maybe then it will change your mind about Ubisoft, take care.

05-17-2017, 12:21 AM
Just because you play on a console not a PC does not mean giving away 7 games is not generous. You are influenced by fake internet posts and your attitude is not that of someone who deserves these items.

Perhaps if you tried asking nicely instead of demanding ranting and insulting, you'd get more done.

Anyway ... enjoy your gaming and as I said... don't obsess over the little things in life.

Also, yes I have met Ubi employees and saw them working very hard. They are very friendly and take players concerns to heart. But when something like this is over... it is over. The CC ended.

05-17-2017, 07:49 AM
@strigoi1958, Excuse me! FYI, What do you think I have been doing these past 6 months...? Just demanding and insulting? First off, I have been messaging nicely time and time again about the CC making a return but all I get is the cold shoulder from Ubisoft and the Ubisoft Development team. If they don't even have the slightest little time to listen to their fans feedback or even respond to the amount of "Nicely" feedback I provided, then Ubisoft isn't the type of company I would never allow into my house, even if it's snowing cold outside. You are so in denial and in this case refuse to see the truth of how Ubisoft is. Hopefully, you will see how they are in time.

05-17-2017, 11:32 AM
Black Widow has responded above and stated that these items are unavailable, I'm sure the moderators and community managers would love to be able to say yes.. but they cannot. Nobody knows if the CC will ever return so nobody can say yes or no, they can only say they are unavailable and the event ended.

I'm not in denial, I already pointed out several facts about Ubisofts generosity and I myself have benefited many times from this.. and as I've enjoyed Ubisofts games for almost 30 years, I already see them as they are... a great company with a history of making great games... and judging by your other posts you already know this because of how much you have enjoyed playing the AC games. I know you say you feel cheated... but you have not been cheated... you are just unlucky to have bought a game that you like but found now that a free bonus has ended, and you are annoyed that nothing can be done about it at this time.

These are little unimportant things in a video game, if you focus on them too much they will appear more important than they are, so don't waste time chasing them. Enjoy your games, move on to the next and within a few days you will wonder why you even bothered about them :)

05-24-2017, 08:39 AM
I'm not sure what the problem is. Ubisoft, by way of Blackwidow9, responded. Sorry it's not what you want.

We don't always get what we want. I'd love to get the Copernicus Conspiracy for PC. It's not in the cards.

Just because you don't get what you want, doesn't mean Ubisoft doesn't listen. They listened. The response was "unfortunately that was a limited time offer."

That's the end of the discussion.

05-24-2017, 01:18 PM
I think there is a rumour that the Copernicus conspiracy was in the last 3GB patch. But I don't have it installed so I didn't get the update

06-01-2017, 11:41 PM

Believe what you want. But clearly, a lot of people (including me) want these Community Challenges Rewards and AC Initiates Rewards back. Whether if Ubisoft brings it back as a Dlc or a patch. But, there's a good amount of forum pages of other people who ask the same as I do. Do me a favor and go to this thread - Thread: AC patches to IV and Unity | Forums
When you get to this thread, why don't share your opinions like you told me during our chat. Either way, fans ARE talking about this.

And my apologies for not responding for the past couple of weeks. I was busy with finals in College.

06-02-2017, 02:16 AM

I looked at that thread and over 2 years only 16 people (including you) were asking for things from 2 games (some of them no longer post on the forum). Even if it was 10,000 people instead of maybe 10 still in the forum, I don't know if it would make any difference. I understand that you want this. But Black_widow9 has already confirmed it will not happen (at the moment). So as Ubi has said nothing can be done, I do not know what you think can be done.

You could start a petition online or even contact Ubisofts head office with a plea.

But I have no more power than you to change the decision.

Sometimes in life we miss out on things. :(

As you are doing your finals, it is an important time in your life. There are far more important things to focus on now than some video game items that do not do anything. You have probably been stressed over the finals and been more focused on these things than you would have been. Now the finals are over, take it easy, relax and try to forget this.

Enjoy your gaming.