View Full Version : Dear Ubisoft and the For Honor Team

04-25-2017, 02:05 AM
Dear Ubisoft, For Honor Team, and those that read this,

This is a rant for the most part so brace yourself. I really enjoy this game and for what its worth when the game first dropped. How ever due to patches and character balances and updates I feel like this once good game is sinking and sinking fast. Almost to the point where my attention for this game is starting to fall. I find it hard to believe that the focus is more on balancing the game instead of fixing what's wrong with the game. I'm sure there's reason to why its a p2p server and not a dedicated server but if that could be fixed majority of the problems goes away. Fix what characters are suppose to do. Such as the stamina mechanics, its glitchy and very random. Its frustrating chasing a character with no stamina they're in exhausting state to finally trick this player into a GB shove them looking for a Knock Down and they're still standing. It sucks as a Law Bringer main that I finally get a shove while I'm in revenge mode he/she remains standing and I'm sure they're other situations with other characters similar to this. Another thing that's driving me crazy is this character balance.....This character balancing is starting to kill a lot of games. I understand the developers and such go through character changes to satisfy the players but honestly I feel like its going in the wrong direction. Sad part about this its been said million times from high level players that actually care for games such as this but STOP NERFING CHARACTERS for casual players such myself and others. There's nothing worse then to spend time learning a character and loving this character and their unique properties just to have it snatched away for a boring play style. On top of that its not even balancing more like taking the power from one and giving it to another. Example Warlords.....Headbutt, longest throw range, GB fakes, high defense, high health, super armor heavy attacks and so on which is being nerfed and now we have Berserkers. Now after this patch I've got the chance to play some really good berserkers and I usually don't get annoyed but how is it were trying to nerf Warlords or Wardens but Berserkers can spin around us like he's Emit Smith or Barry Sanders? This dude spin around three of us and when we finally HIT HIM he's guarded by super armor. With that being said I don't mind it, if Berserkers going to run around like this let them but don't nerf warlords and wardens just so someone else bull **** can fly. At this point either NERF the entire cast to crap or buff everyone to the same level where they have their own schemes instead of trying to rely on a reaction system in a game that's turning into an action game at this point might as well let it ride. I really love this game its really fun how ever it sucks when you see a change that's suppose to happen never happened. Yet you get news about a patch where characters getting nerfed meanwhile newly buffed characters are getting more buffs that makes no sense at all. Warden is loosing shoulder rush but Lawbringers gets a free attack after every shove and that will BALANCE this out? Sengoku receiving a nerf meanwhile Valks can push, shove, knockdown, sidestep attacks herp a derp derp but this balance the game out though....Orochi can either High attack or ZA and somehow remain safe same for peace keepers yet when Warden do it and miss or blocked free GB into a heavy. Honestly I feel bad for Conqs and Lawbringer players were stuck in the turtle meta. Since our attacks are slow its like walking in circles walking close up faints faints faints oh wait faints GB defended omg meanwhile Orochi, peacekeepers, berserkers, noboshi, valks, warlords, have insane openings if not parried properly they'll kill you IF you don't know the rotations. Kensei......they have to mix up 8 different attacks to land one BUT BUT BUT yall buffing berserkers to gain two heavy attacks IF they GB you in exhausting state....the funny thing about this berserkers can not only spin and have armor but faint and GB faster then you either parry or attack so you have no choice but to turtle and react way faster then you should somehow this is balancing though? It sounds like I'm attacking berserkers but I'm not it doesn't make any sense to nerf a few characters just to over buff other characters nothing has been balance just a shift in a game play that eventually will have everyone on forums crying and complaining. So Ubisoft and developers please stop catering to us casual players who's still going to play and make the game you have intended for us to play. Fix what needs to be fix and fix the low tier characters so they can be well verse in every situation not just one mode. As someone who played a lot of fighting games ive learn some match ups will be difficult and that's ok that's part of the nature but stop trying to correct that by nerfing. Please stop, pick everyone up to speed in their own unique way, fix these servers, fix your menu because it can become glitchy and keep it going. You'll actually keep and gain more players doing this instead of nerfing and switching sides. It shows zero consistency and eventually you'll run all your fans away. Unless you plan to do what Capcom is doing which is host decent money pro tours you wont keep your fans long enough. My rant is over thanks for taking the time to read this. I know nothing positive will come from it but as a fan of your game I hope you take at least 20% to heart. Good day for all those that read this.