View Full Version : Never see more ------ matchmaking system in 15 years.

04-24-2017, 10:05 PM
http://email.tiscali.cz/showAttachment/For_Honor2017-4-24-23-2-9.jpg?attachHash=fsDH3r66SFrMoNTkH/7Hvfv5MrgxLjTV8ywarrq1mTLGl/P/4JfScwNuWbmfHFpuFq76VmCXPDnMWBwXZP9IwLe7XuW9rfhUv1 1rtu4%2BJ1rTLBqXW0kcLYopninJgSZrR4Oxzz1dp2zprWdILm GGQH/%2BdBO2JNeraHX0ZkigetPT0FnfkHGzBMhYHuvuCBBv7Ip/aeRlHjj4CgZoBCqQg9A


04-24-2017, 10:10 PM
I agree that mm is problem, but i believe its like that cause they cant predict what hero u will choose so if u have 1 char rep 20 and u take other rep 2 u can end up at high rep char match cause mm count your overall rep, on the other hand if u dont have any high char than u are just unlucky :)

04-24-2017, 10:28 PM
It have very easy solution: Forgot that idiot rep system but make MM by gear level like 0-39/40-69/70-108. MM what use rep system is ------ what never work because when player with rep 4 start new character with 0 rep and low level he meet people with high rep with big gear level not only people with his gear level limit levels.

04-24-2017, 11:24 PM
It have very easy solution: Forgot that idiot rep system but make MM by gear level like 0-39/40-69/70-108.
^^ This will not work. The strongest gear piece is the stamina-attack-defence weapon. By just equipping this you can have a score of 18. You could still add 1 of the 2 revenge gears to still be below 39 and farm easy kills.

04-25-2017, 01:30 AM
In my case, I don't really have problems being placed among players of over rep3 and high-tier gear when I'm just sub-rep3 and low gear because I'm leveling a new class. I generally consider being lower rep/geared state as a good opportunity to try and different things to find ways to support your team. So when I'm lower rep/gear I use sprint speed gear or revive speed gear which normally I'd switch out as I enter higher gear tier. It's sort of like a handicap match, seeing how well you can fare against people with superior gear, in a class I'm not familiar with yet.

But this only applies when both teams have around similar numbers of low-rep/gear players.Yes, there are times when all my team is in gray gear, but all the enemy team is in purple or gold. When that happens, there's really not much anyone can do.

I just consider this unlucky cases and being "dealt a bad deck of cards".

It's random PUG games, so shi* happens.