View Full Version : Matchmaker, Balance, Gear needs to be adressed!

04-22-2017, 05:02 AM
There is an issue i wasn’t aware before and it seems like nobody ever mentioned it.

I started playing For Honor as Warden & Valkyrie. During the first weeks, i was clueless and been loosing to anyone and everything. But steady & slowly i gained some experience, got used to the game. Things started to get easier and I only played my 2 heros.

I have been sure the gained “success” completely relied on my skill…but i was wrong.

I recently started to play Lawbringer, to get used to him i played vs AI until i reached pre 1 and moved towards regular dominion/elimination. Unfortunately this went kind of unexpected. I got shredded horrible. The only kills i managed to get been environmental, random revenge or stolen kills. In any 1v1 situation if have been completely lost.
After having a duel situation vs another Lawbringer i could see why…i dealed less damage and took more damage from the exact same attacks.

I started searching how the attack and defense work on maxed stats.
(@ubi/@all: feel free to correct me on the data or conclusion; my source: reddit)
a) 1st max att & 2nd def grants a damage bonus of ~20% and a reduction of ~20%
b) 1st max def & 2nd att grants a damage bonus of ~15% and a reduction of ~30%

The difference on a trade of the same attack is a) 50% or b) 66%.
[example for a): a 30 damage attack will do 36 dam, but only 24 to take]

This can not be fixed by just adjusting the matchmaker like splitting the players between high and low gear score, because a gear score of 18, which is fairly low, is already enough to get this advantage. Since it can not be ignored either, only 2 options seems left: a nerf for these stats. Or last option would be a different/changed matchmaker, but I am not sure if we got the playerbase for this left.