View Full Version : To all the people who are learning new class or they are new in game.

04-22-2017, 04:43 AM
Guys if you learning a new class or you are new at the game plz if you want to learn moves tactics or what ever in 4v4 modes plz don't go in pvp just go PvAi if you want the exp or even better go custom games with lvl3 bots and then if you feel rdy go in PvP mode and if still you find it hard cuz the MM of the game sucks atm listen to the more expirienced people than you and to those who go in 4v4 for the stats and try to get kills just try elimination not dominion to win a dominion you don't need to get 3058487744 kills you just have a role using hard at all .
Ty and hf

04-22-2017, 04:51 AM

This is sort of like (But not as bad) the players (Idiots) who get Rainbow 6 siege and go STRAIGHT into ranked PvP.

Last week I was playing Ranked with some buddies and I saw some kid that got put onto my team and he was level 6 and I am level 148. That is not fair to me to have someone this low and yet the matchmaking still put me with them.

And whats even worse when that happens in THIS game is when these new players get destroyed and then ragequit and make you play with a bot on your team AT BEST and AT WORSE they crash the entire lobby.

They need some kind of level requirement for PvP.

04-22-2017, 10:15 AM
That's what I new with a new guy.... 4v4 vs Ai and some duels/brawls pvp until rep 2 at least. and a GS of maybe 50...... then I'll do some pvp elimination too... but I wont go into pvp skirmish or dominion until rep 3 with a gs of 90 or so.