View Full Version : Game freezes after update

04-22-2017, 04:05 AM
They day of the update R6 froze on me twice in one hour (including the time it took to restart my computer). I figured everyone else was having this problem and that it would be fixed with the update the day after... Yet here I am. I can't get past one round most of the time before the game crashes on me. It only crashes mid-game, never in the Home Page. I can guarantee it's not my computer, I've run multiple tests on it after the crashes and in every other game I play I don't have this issue. (1070, i5 6600k, both overclocked). I have sent the crash reports after the game crashes when prompted.

I'd greatly appreciate this being fixed, im too scared to play ranked in the fear of losing my ranking... As of now i usually just place half a game of casual before the game crashes to get my fix of R6 for the day :/

Update: on my post on reddit, another person has reported the same thing I'm experiencing (https://redd.it/66mb3c)