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04-22-2017, 03:09 AM
Hi there,

After nearly 8 days of my life dedicaced to that game, i'm leaving it until the real overhaul balancing issues and new stuff goes live.

Before leaving it totally, i wanna give few ideas about fixes that seems obvious to my eyes. That game can and will probably be competitive, after all the balancing and fixing process.

People tend to see only the biggest issues, i'm from those who always focus on tiny details. These fixes do not impact in-game balance (except probably a little for 1 or 2), they only upgrade visual informations. Some of these ideas where already discussed (not everything is from me) but i considered them with competitivity in mind.

- Add a surrender option : When you are getting destroyed for any reason (Dc's, worst team...), you do not always want to wait 10 to 30 min until the game ends. This option is included in nearly all the actual competitive games.

- At the end of the time limit, Win goes to the more players/more HP team (non-objective modes) : It probably happened to you to, you are 1vX, you nearly killed the last one, but he just ran with 1 hp bar, hidding behind pylons so you cannot catch him, waiting for the clock to end... Giving the draw. Like in any competitive games, you do NOT reward the passive, with less hp, with less kills, with more deaths teams/players at the end of time, in kills/deaths modes. That's non-sense and should've already been included in the game.

- Reduce timing from 5 min to 3 min in Duel/Brawl modes : 5 min is too long right now, reducing it will force the players to actually play aggressive, making the game even more dynamic, going hand in hand with the previous fix.

- Numbered CD timers / Real timers on cooldowns : An option at least, should be given, to display or not the timers numbered (time left) of all CD's in game on HUD. Including Feats and Boosts. As timing is considered a priority in competitive gaming, visual informations about cooldowns should be as accurate as possible.

- CD Timer for boosts : A form of timer in the HUD have to be implanted for Boosts. Atm, we don't have any information about CD timing for Shield/Attack/Speed/Feats boosts. As timing is considered a priority in competitive gaming, visual informations about cooldowns should be as accurate as possible.

- Possibility to skip the post-game XP/gear gains acquired : it can get really boring to wait 30s/1min sometimes because you won 5 levels, showing all the XP/levels/Gears won. Simple fix, but can really help the game being smoother.

- Button "sell all" the post-game gears acquired, to avoid doing it one by one : Again easy fix, to help the flow of post-game menu against annoying stuff.

- Option to hide reputation level : Because you don't always want to be the "highest reputation player who should carry the team".

- Full revive when breaking state ends : Do not automatically revive the deads if breaking state ends while a mate is in the middle of a resurrection process. Let them revive us until the end, or let us respawn ourselves. Can loose tight games when a mate is trying to revive you, and you instantly respawn 3 miles away.

Don't hesitate to discuss about it and to give more ideas so i can update it regularly.


04-22-2017, 03:08 PM
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04-23-2017, 01:24 AM
Thanks for the feedback! I think you've presented us with a number of really helpful suggestions (some of which we have considered) and once we take care of our high-priority items, we'll definitely be looking towards implementing more QOL and other game flow improvements. I'll be passing your suggestions over to the team :D