View Full Version : Latest Battle eye patch broke my game,cant fix it

04-21-2017, 11:14 PM
After the release of the latest battle eye patch a copule of days ago my game started doing wierd things.My mouse was "lagging" i could barely control it,later my keyboard started doing it too and now iam at the point where the game became literally unplayable.I also must mention that the UI of both steam and uplay are frozen meanwhile.
Also this only occurs duirng matches,my keyboard and mouse are working just fine at the rest of the time,and so did they and my PC before the patch.
I scanned for corrupted files it didnt help,i uninstalled and re-installed battle eye,it didnt help.
I asked around for help on Steam forums at least 5 times and it also didnt help.
So now i ask here,i really dont have any hope left to try seeking help anywhere else at this point.