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04-21-2017, 03:24 PM
When ever I try to look for what are people thoughts about the top 5 characters and how broken they are compared to the balanced characters, I always see lots of replies like "He is not broken just learn to play against him". And that is why this games balancing issue will never be fixed. When the devs are looking through the forum and saw these posts about the characters balancing issues they see these comments and they are afraid cause if they nerf one of them then half of the community who plays that character will say "OMG WHY? He is unplayable right now.". That is what people say about conq now.
Conq got slightly nerfed which did not help anything just that now warden can have the 2 light attacks after he hits him with the shoulder bash and that is it. I tried to play against conq different characters in custom game and I can tell you that you can only doge and then gb him if you gues that he is going to do the shoulder bash. Not about reaction just gues. And that is a 50/50 game where you see him doge and you doge away you will doge his shield bash. but if he dashes and does not shield bash but guard breaks you he gets a free heavy. Maybe the only character who can still have a slight chance against conq(besides the other top 5 characters) is raider cause of his side dash gb. And people saying that he is UNPLAYEBLE because of the little nerf???? WTF guys??? The people who are not playing top 5 charcters know the pain.
Warlords headbut is in the same shoes. You have to press doge when you see him doge and not when you see him do the headbut. And he has the running bullsht like shugoki. The only thing why it is weaker then the shugoki run is that he has to push you into a wall to have a heavy attack.
I am not even going to talk about shugoki cause he is the most broken. His run is just annoying as hell, his super armour is just ridiculously OP. Just turtle till he gets his armour back.
Warden is the most defended character out of them. People who play this character are trying to defend him so he wont get nerfed so that they can still win fights against other people who cant do anything about the vortex bullsht. But I heared that the devs are looking to do something about it which is nice.
Peacekeepers is the least OP out of them. Think about it she only has the fast light attacks(which are btw slower then Berserker side lights) and zone. Other than that she has no tools to open defending people up. Maybe his heavy cancel to grab but it is switching the attack to the gb way before the parry icon flashes so not really useful and her deflect poison stab does not do that much damage. Maybe she could have a slower 2nd light attack and get ri of the zone flicker.
Lawbringer will be the next most passive character in the game. In the next patch he gets a free light after the shove and the only way to escape it is the dash so they make LB another 50/50 character(not that broken like warden or conq 50/50 but still). And since he gets a free shove after a block he will not have to go for parries just block then shove and after that the 50/50.
In my opinion the most balanced characters are: Kensei, Berserker, Nobushi, Valkyrie(her sweep is the perfect example for the vortex solution. Her sweep is dogeable it is punishable and she cant cancel it like warden)
Raider and Orochi needs a little buf and LB needs slight nerf(take away his block shove conbo and he is fine)

But still the devs are afraid to nerf characters cause they know that if they even slight nerf one of the top 5s then people are going to cry that it is now unplayable.
What unplayable means for them is that they would have to start to play like every other non top 5 characters. Maybe after the defensive meta changes they will be less broken but STILL BROKEN

04-21-2017, 07:29 PM
All the people you beat in 1v1 then they get mad and because their ego cant take it so they play Shugo. #Feelsbadman