View Full Version : Things i liked about AC3's Tyranny of King Washington

04-21-2017, 08:08 AM
i thought about it and didnt want to leave only a frustrated critique of a bug in the game and decided to post some things i actually like so far.

i only just now got to the end of episode 1...again. so this is based only on that episode.

i really enjoy the in depth cultural part of ac3 the main game and the dlc. it seems you did a really good job telling the story from the viewpoint of the colonists as well as from the viewpoint of the native americans. there was a lot of bloodshed over land disputes in those days and a lot of racial hostilities. i also really enjoyed the game mechanics while playing a connor. the ability to hunt and take furs was a good addition considering the environment the game was set in and it added immersion and cultural depth. i like how the assassins outfit for connor kept some native american design as well. what i liked the most was the spirit journey segments in ac3 the main game and the dlc. adding the wolf spirit guides was an excellent move and highly immersive in the sense that it really made connors character feel more spiritual and earthy. adding the wolf cloak was perhaps not as realistic as camouflage would have been but it was a lot of fun and made sense in the context of things and i really enjoyed the gameplay using the cloak. im glad you added that.