View Full Version : I guess Ubisoft forgot Berserker

04-21-2017, 07:19 AM
Add something to berserker's bag, no poison, no unblockable. All he has is feints, and toddler antlers. Why isn't he able to block top heavy after guard break? Just want some love, feel like ubisoft left us in the dirt.....

04-21-2017, 12:57 PM
When the Ubisoft team fixes the turtle meta berserker will be a realy OP character with his feints, but he is not usless right now either. He has really fast light AND heavy attacks, his max punish is very powerful and his deflect ability gives you a GB. And if you think about it people say that peacekeeper is a broken character and she doesnt have any tools to open defensive people up, at least berserker has the deflect to get a free GB. And what is better? A Gb for a deflect or a little poison stab for deflect. BTW Berserker has faster light attacks then Peacekeeper AND he has light attack feints. Oh and he's got super armour
Basically Berserker has:
- MAD feints
- GB for deflect
- Super armour
- Very fast light attacks and one of the fastest heavy attacks
- His max punish takes 3/4 health of the enemy
AND I say it again. After the defensive meta is solved he is going to be one of the most OP hero in the game. But he is very hard to use him good. I have faced many berserkers and I have destroyed and got destroyed many times berserkers. I dont play defensive I go for parries and I attack a lot and berserkers feint combos are very hard to predict. If he knows how to use the light feints it is a nightmare to face berserkers.
I think berserker is one of the most balanced hero in the game.
BTW I think the most balanced characters in the game are: Berserker, Kensei, Peacekeeper(when they get rid of the zone flicker and maybe a bit of slower 2nd light attack she is a v very much balanced character. I dont know how annoying she is on console with 30fps), Valkyrie(you can doge the sweep and if you do you can punish her so he is not like the safe warden shoulder bash) and maybe Orochi(but I think he needs a little buff)

04-21-2017, 01:11 PM
He does have a poison/bleed as a level 3 feat. Pretty powerful it is too.