View Full Version : The problem wasn't really Revenge itself. Its how it was being abused.

04-21-2017, 12:59 AM
I see threads and posts from people complaining about the revenge nerfs and how its ruined the game etc etc etc etc

The thing people seem to be missing is that the problem wasn't JUST about revenge. It was almost entirely due to the people who ran around using maxed out revenge gear and revenge attack damage. They relied almost entirely on the gear to do all of the work and that defeats the ENTIRE purpose of a skill based melee PvP game.

The developers obviously never considered the idea that the majority of the community would build glass cannon builds and then spam Zone Attacks like its the only button they can press.

The fact that there are other stats like:

- Defense

- Stamina Regen

- Debuff resistance

and so on

Shows that they thought people would build diverse builds around offense, defense and overall utility. But that isn't what happened. People saw that revenge could be exploited for godlike damage and immediately went to that. Then other people were FORCED into doing so as well in order to keep up. Which obviously means the other stats went by the wayside and rendered 90% of gear useless.

So when you are getting pissed that your gear was nerfed you need to look in the mirror and ask yourself if you were one of those people who ran around popping revenge like it was going out of style and getting kills in 1 or 2 hits.

If you were then you were part of the problem.

If not then you need to blame those that did. Not Ubisoft.

If you get caught in a 3v1 or 4v1 then you yourself have made some poor decisions and you are being punished in that situation for them. Revenge should NEVER given you the ability to easily get out of that situation. And as for 2v1 situations Revenge should only HELP give you a chance at victory. Not hand the victory to you on a silver platter. Revenge as it was made 2v1s trivial and 1 sided.

In order to get a victory over another player or group of players you should have to use SKILL and TACTICS in order to get the victory not rely on your gear to get the victory for you.

Gear is meant to HELP get you the win. Not hand it to you.