View Full Version : Characters in the wrong hands?.....

04-20-2017, 10:52 PM
I enjoy For honor a great deal. I spent many many hours since release playing near all characters until around Rep 1 to get a better understanding from the inside on how they work. I recently ran out of characters and had for the most part avoided using the Top 4 as a point of pride so they sat untouched. I picked up the Warlord and threw myself headfirst into duel with an open mind after hearing his headbutt had been nerfed making it bearable. I play very aggressively and am loath to turtle up unless my opponent shows they will successfully kill themselves if I do nothing (i.e. repeated dodge attacks from assassins and valks). I found the Warlord incredibly enjoyable being on the front foot with close range aggression and asked my opponent afterward if they found my Warlord different from most they had encountered and most responded in the affirmative with of course the few spewing toxicity at having been beaten with a Warlord. This was a handful of matches so I wanted to put fourth the question to the community whether or not playstyle makes the world of difference with certain characters and your enjoyment going against them?

04-20-2017, 11:49 PM
Absolutely. An opponent who uses their full kit and mixes it up is infinitely more fun to play than a dodge attack only Assassin, or a push spamming Heavy. I'm happy to play against any class in the game assuming they're like that.

Unfortunately they're rather few and far between.