View Full Version : Is there a plan for more mid-high level content besides cosmetics?

04-20-2017, 07:03 PM
Ubisoft did a wonderful job on creating content for the first few reputation levels of each character, but as you get higher up in the levels (I'm at rep 17 right now) not only does it feel like a burden just to level up, but the rewards are meaningless. Although the incredibly large selection of cosmetic stuff is cool, I wish there was something else like new gear appearances or special abilities with gear sets or something like that. Small things that give incentives to use certain gear types, but don't really give too much of an edge over your competition. Otherwise, gear would be even more of an issue in matches where it is used, especially if you are trying to level up a new character and enjoy certain modes.

One suggestion that I have besides more gear appearances is a "create your own color palette" option somewhere, maybe around rep 20. That way, this isn't the max level reward but is kind of a milestone.

Anyone have any other good ideas? I want to help brainstorm ideas for post-rep 3 content that will make leveling a character closer to the maximum level more rewarding.