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04-20-2017, 02:07 AM
The long awaited patch 1.05 has arrived.The revenge mode has been nerfed,so that's good.The gb/debuff res stuff up the last patch created has been set back to normal and characters have probably been nerfed/buffed in accordance to who friggin cares.BUT THEY STILL HAVEN'T FIXED THE SERVERS.Surprise Surprise.So if you're expecting more matches to work:they won't. If you're expecting the matches you do get in to run more smoothly with quality:It won't.Is it now possible to play in a group of friends without major dramas,even if they live in the same suburb as you?Definitely not. Unfortunately,even after 5 patches,this is still a beta game not worth buying.Oh well.Keep trying to do your job(please don't leave the gaming industry where things actually matter and this level of incompetence would leave most of your staff unemployed before you could stammer "not intended") and maybe you'll get it right.I think now your passed the stage of getting any players back or even getting people like me to buy another ubisoft game,but at least you'll get the satisfaction of successfully completing a job you started.It's a good feeling that most of the population of humans are aware of. The staff at ubiSOFT should give it a try sometime.

04-20-2017, 03:01 AM
Our next title update, 1.06 is aimed at addressing many of the stability issues and you should hopefully see a boost in connection improvement after it's released. We estimate it should be available on PC in the coming week and to consoles 2 weeks from now. Improving the connection and network stability have been our top priorities and we hope that you'll be able to see these improvements even more after 1.06 is released.

04-20-2017, 09:17 AM
Thank you Ubinoty for the response. I have played a bit since last post. I can say,although the connection/servers are terrible, I personally think the OTHER aspects of the game have improved.I don't get into the buffs and nerfs because I do believe a lot of it is BS and I am not good enough to judge.But some things were obvious.The revenge has been nerfed and I think it is more fair.Even though I can no longer take on 4 people at once with my nabooshy(stick chick) and live to tell the tale.To many were relying on it.It is still useful when surrounded,you just can't destroy the whole team with it anymore. Personally the debuff res/gb counter bug was driving me nuts.If you've had a character with high debuff resistance and found it hard to counter GB's,you will find it a bit easier now.Hopefully the next patch will do it's job.Until then.

04-20-2017, 09:37 AM
I thought they fixed the servers already xD i haven't been kicked out of a match in so long :o