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04-19-2017, 12:46 PM
at begenind sorry for my englisch i have some ideas for assasins creed to revive this really grate series byt this seris is going down naw. you tray Expanding the topic of the sage, and you close desmonds line with minevra i think naw the best idea will be to revive this topik some think like owers old frieands assasins with desmonds father capture 1 men from abstergo with special blod line and use the best version of annonimus to trein new grand master of assasin in present time to fight with minevra. that can be seperate for parts and the blood memories can be placet in ancient asia. ninjas shogunate. can be to some of huns for exemple atylla. with good story and nice comertial that can be new hit on assasin storys