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04-19-2017, 06:27 AM
So let me start out that i love this game its a great concept and when the game works its amazing. Now heres what would be nice, first a time on character release would be very much appreciated to all of us who are super excited to see their release i myself was excited enough i bought the season pass this isnt really somthing needed or necesarry but is wanted by a lot of people. two the updates for consoles to come out quicker i understand its difficult to work with consoles over pc but the wait time drives us console gamers nuts when we see pc gamers already with the new released updates and such. the final thing im gonna comment on is a punishment for people who rage quit now thisll cause issues since the servers like to glitch out but once thats fixed a punishment for ragequiters should be emplaced since it ruins the fun and sometimes messes up the gameplay

04-19-2017, 08:37 AM
Hey man, Im a PC gamer and I can tell you its still terrible connection for us. I waited 4 hours and didnt even find one dominion game last night. As for the delay getting patches to console, that has nothing to do with Ubisoft, its because microsoft and sony have to clear these patches before releasing them to you guys, probably to make sure it dosent accidentally break the console or risk security loopholes or something.

And im pretty sure they have said they plan to bring in a punishment for leaving games in the near future, but they havent implemented it untill they can fix the network and P2P issues, otherwise it would flat out break the game 100% if they put it in now! (Imagine getting punished/ locked from multiplayer from 10mins or so just because you got lost connection!)

I think the next patch 1.6 should address the connection issues, and I think thats slated to release in 2 weeks? (not fully sure) so it would be a month for you guys. Cheers.