View Full Version : Add brightness and gamma support

04-18-2017, 01:14 PM
So I bought this game on steam after playing the demo (which I really liked). The problem now, though, is that I can't progress in game due to it being too dark during night or in tunnels. I tried searching for a brightness or gamma setting in the config and in game but there don't seem to be any. My monitor is already set at the 100 % brightness.

At least in short tunnels I can drive by memory alone, but on tracks that have the night setting anything above silver is impossible for me as I just can't see where I'm going.

A demo video of me driving in sunlight vs in tunnel which took me around 10 attempts due to not being able to see what's happening in tunnels (the beginning of the video is slightly noisy, sorry for that):


04-20-2017, 03:32 PM
Actually it's not planned to add a gamma sliders in the option. Yet it's strange that's so dark on your monitor (in your video i see the inside of the tunnels just fine). Recheck the settings of your monitor, the ones on Windows and in the graphic card driver.

If it's still doesn't work, try to increase the gamma through the driver :(

04-22-2017, 08:14 PM
That's a shame.