View Full Version : AC Syndicate a step backwards

04-18-2017, 01:10 AM
I bought AC syndicate recently I was gonna buy AC unity cause I played it on console I enjoyed it thoroughly but I thought hey why not buy the most recent addition surely it will be better. I have to say I instantly regretted it, the way it looks the characters the world it self everything about this game is a step backwards just voicing my opinion

04-18-2017, 01:34 AM
it is only natural to prefer 1 game to another. It doesn't automatically mean newer is better... just different. :)

I like both for all the different thing they each bring. Unity was beautiful but demanding on a pc system... I assume syndicate may have been slightly less beautiful to enable less powerful systems to play it. But that does not affect gameplay. Hence Unity recommended a GTX 780 while Syndicate only recommended a GTX 760

Games are great because of the content... no game that is horrible to play ever became brilliant by adding Ultra HD textures and graphics. :)

As for characters and the city (world) These have come up before... whenever there is something new... someone doesn't like the change... whenever something is similar.... someone complains it is a copy and paste from a previous game. When Ezio was replaced by Connor it caused a lot of posts... same as killing off Desmond.

I tend to judge each game on it's own merits, comparing games never ends well. I either like or dislike a game on gameplay and not because it differs from another game.

Unity buildings and co-op were great, the missions and parkour and the city were great. Syndicate I liked the fact that we can play as Jacob or Evie each with different skills, The Thames looks as dirty as it really is, the red brick buildings and signs are great, the transport, carriages, trains ... are fantastic. unarmed fighting/ boxing was great (my combo was never very high.. maybe 63 and people here were posting 80 and 90. :)
the rope launcher meant climbing was an option.

There are many things I like from many different AC games, I'm not sure I'd want them all in one game though :)

04-20-2017, 01:50 PM
I suppose each to their own and like strigoi said each has there own attraction, but have to say that I did enjoy Syndicate but Unity has to be my favourite thus far. Then it got me thinking it's about time we had another addition to the AC series it's long over due.