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04-17-2017, 04:24 PM
It has become increasingly clear that For Honor was designed to be a vehicle for microtransactions and not for fun. The Gold edition is a prime example.

People who trusted the company paid $100 to support. IN return they get 6 characters, a month of champion status, and an effect. Rainbow 6 siege gold edition includes more characters, in game currency, a 5% permanent Renown boost, and a permanent discount at the shop.

The Division's season pass includes free of the highest level gear every week.

For Honor Gold edition makes players still grind to level 3 until they have the privilege of spending their money on random loot boxes that might have good stats. Then it costs more than $10,000 to upgrade the gear on each character. It makes playing new characters frustrating and a grind, rather than fun.

Why not give Gold Edition members permanent champion status and a permanent steel boosts? Why even lock gear behind prestige 3? I can't recommend this game to anyone because even if the game weren't riddled with connectivity issues, it was purposely designed to be hard to encourage people to pay more money to play it. That's a bad experience.

04-17-2017, 04:59 PM
Though more rewards would never be a bad thing and might even drive some sales home, almost everything in this game feels rather "optional". Loot? Don't care that much any longer. Effects? Animations? Honestly, it is easy to get everything you like to have. Be it gear or visuals. I just do my ordwrs and enjoy the game, currency comes along on it's own.

Besides, the older the game gets, the better catch-up mechanics we might need.

04-17-2017, 05:41 PM
Locking gear behind rep3 is PRECISELY why FH, despite looking as if it promotes microtransactions, is not a cheesy P2W game at all.

We all know EXACTLY why you want the rep-gear restrictions off, and HELL NO.
I for one, don't wanna see rep0s walking around with 108 gear lev. P2W world, no thx.

I dunno about other "goodies" you want for your gold or special edition or whatever, but when it comes to any suggestion that even hints of lame-arse P2W scrubs walking around high level gear at beginner levels, and starting the "wallet-race", I;m gonna flame it to hell.

I've seen so many good games that had potential simply destroy itself.

Once the greedy pigs in marketing get blinded by quick money grabs. exploitations, and herding cash-cow. for regular gamers all hell breaks loose. The P2W hellgate is opened, and it literally forces everyone to spend hundreds of bucks right now, or spend months of grueling torture, getting creamed by idiot cows who spent their money at level 0 to obtain max gear and just squash everyone who can't compete with the gear.

Once this trend is set, there's no turning back, and people keep are forced to buy stuff constantly, easily reaching more than 3~4 times money spent than the price of the game itself EVERY MONTH.

P2W is the dirtiest, most despiccable, and evil shi* ever invented by game development and marketing.

P2W is literally the LAST moments, final life-support for good games, and a signature trait of trash games that try to lure people in, run for maybe a year at max, until the devs and marketing extract enough money to pull the plugs on the game, and make another trash game .and do the same shi* all over again.

So many games, so many good PvP games I've played since '95, for 15 years the gaming industry was good, and then as soon as hit 2010, the advent of krappy, worthless, !*()#&!(*)&! of a concept called P2W originating from the #&U%^@&!^!&% Korean game companies, takes over the world and makes it hell for gamers of the whole world.

No, HELL no.

Keep FH clean of P2W. It's one of the reasons I have deep respect for this game.

Don't you frickin' dare suggest stuff like taking rep-item restrictions off -- it's a death spiral for the game and the entire game community. A controlled suicide.

No. You want gear? You take time and effort to progress gradually.

Currently, the item balance regards to monetary investment in FH is surprisingly fair and clean. Don't you dare think of ruining this just because you want to spend money to insta-108 gear level at rep0 to crush other new players and FH beginners. That shi* drives people out faster than ALL of the complaints and grievances people have posted in these forums COMBINED

04-17-2017, 05:54 PM
World of Tanks is similar... 6 years old, free to play... pay to progress is its angle, invest a little cash to save you time.

Certainly not a pay to win. Nor is For Honor.

Best keep it that way!

04-17-2017, 05:58 PM
World of Tanks is similar... 6 years old, free to play... pay to progress is its angle, invest a little cash to save you time.

Certainly not a pay to win. Nor is For Honor.

Best keep it that way!

Amen, brutha. Amen.

04-17-2017, 06:10 PM
I bought the Gold and felt kinda duped when it comes to the new character drops.The 6 characters released 2 at a time after each season is too far spaced out imo. Im not sure im still going to be interested in the game after the 1st season is over let alone having to wait 3 additional seasons. My fault for not reading the fine print though.

04-17-2017, 06:34 PM
I have gold, no complaints from me, I have hours and hours in the game and it is one of the few that I have ever been able to play as long as I have to the exclusion of anything else at all. And seriously, top gear needs to stay where it is, by the time you get to it you have enough steel saved to upgrade it, unless you really need an ornament for every hero.

04-17-2017, 06:58 PM
Looking back now I'd say I wouldn't have bought the Gold Edition with my knowledge of today. The stuff we got/will get doesn't really justify the increased price, imo. Buuuut... it's what it is. I'll file that under 'lesson learned', and continue to play a flawed game that has still given me a good enough time/money/entertainment ratio to justify the purchase.