View Full Version : Boycott.

04-17-2017, 04:28 AM
Ubisoft despite havin been told on multiple occasion, has had it spelled out for them front fowards and backwards still doesnt want to fix their servers. So id say boycott them again till the servers have been completely patched up. Theory: Thats why not one faction has been taken out. One faction gets too many territories and they block the servers so you cant play and thats complete horse ****. They make billions of dollars of us and yet cant fix their ****. Anyone with me?

04-18-2017, 03:00 PM
Why don't you just find another game to complain about?

04-26-2017, 11:14 PM
Want some cheese with that WHINE...

04-29-2017, 06:17 AM
Oh yay another one with way too much time and a internet connection.

04-29-2017, 06:16 PM
This game is getting better every week on PS4 right now so why dont you just chill and go play COD for a month or two

05-05-2017, 06:22 PM

05-16-2017, 11:47 PM
Count me in as For Honor won't run after newmupdate as I get error ce-34878-0! Already rebuilt database and that doesn't fix it. Already requested rmas for the division, wildland and for honor ald goldmeditions as this is it.