View Full Version : Attack tracking

04-17-2017, 03:29 AM
How is this issue not mentioned more? I understand that it may not be as big of an issue with less mobile classes, but when I dodge backwards from a leaping peacekeeper/berserker and they fly through the air like a damn bird after me I get ever so slightly extremely pissed off. Technically if they were locked on and lunge at me, they should land where I was BEFORE the dodge. Ground-based attack tracking is an issue too but not as much as this. At least you can give the excuse of "you're controlling a skilled fighter who can adjust slightly for a moving enemy" while on the ground, but what about leaps? Do peacekeepers suddenly have afterburners? Are they aerially propelled by the **** they talk in chat? I just don't know anymore. Why is dodge even a function when the game corrects for your attempts of escape? I'm not bring up the asinine guardbreak tracking to keep away the dumb****s who just say "guardbreak is the counter of dodge hur dur dur" (in all fairness dodging backwards from a guardbreak should not trigger auto tracking, regardless of how gracefully that shugoki ice skated 10 feet to still guardbreak you"