View Full Version : Vikings!!! Advanced Player looking for Clan

04-16-2017, 06:12 PM
I'm a Viking but I have rep'd every character in the game at least once; Berserker rep 5 gear 108, Conquer rep 4 gear 108, Shugoki rep 4 gear 108, Raider Rep 2 gear 45, everybody else is rep 1 with the lowest character having 28 gear (Warden) and the highest having 42 gear (Valkyrie)
I have a mic and play everyday before or after work and on my off days, trying to get a good Viking Crew as well as a few good people to battle against in custom matches, future tournament partners, advanced players with good strategies as well as people that just like to play For Honor a lot!
My PSN is SenorCurls