View Full Version : The good, the bad, and some needed changes.

04-16-2017, 11:56 AM
The game is out for quite some time now, and a lot has changed since the start... both good and bad.

First my own vision: is this game balanced...
Yes, at least the heroes are.
All heroes have their own traits and skills, some excel in speed while others excel in power.
One thing that seems (to me) tips said balance is gear. Being able to dominate in multiple fields as a higher level player isn't really that much fun for other players, or at least the newer ones.
I think that gear needs a major update, to both put skills over level as shorten the gap between high level players as well as newcomers.

Make the legendary "108" cap reachable with every piece of gear, but distribute the stats depending on the type of gear.
Option to increase the armor cap also available, for more easely rounded figures.

At max gear score each set should give the following stats:
White/ Gray: Hybrid tier.
Stat 1: 33.3%
Stat 2: 33.3%
Stat 3: 33.3%

Blue: Balance tier.
Stat 1: 50%
Stat 2: 50%
Stat 3: 0%

Purple: Specialized tier.
Stat 1: 75%
Stat 2: 25%
Stat 3: 0%

Gold: Pure tier.
Stat 1: 100%
Stat 2: 0%
Stat 3: 0%

The color of your gear icon could be displayed in the color of your style, with your gearscore displaying how far you are in that branch.
A max hybrid player would be displayed gray, with 108 gearscore while a pure would be a gold 108.

It would give new players the option to start with gear which has the same overall bonus as a high level player (minus the upgrades), yet its not specialized.
You can fight on par with a pure, and find your own playstyle to build your gear around. No more level ones being stomped by 108 geared players because of stats.

okay, maybe a little, but at least you could face them on equal stats even with gray grear.

Gear dominates the game much more than it should. The higher level you are the more you can ride on your gear rather than your skills.
Its some sort of mismatched difficulty curve. As a new player you get stomped, as a mid range player you can dominate, and up high you get stomped again because armor bonuses don't make sense. You can be a tank and DPS at the same time, without hardly any repercussions.

Second thing that really is a thorn is exp and exp gain.
Because you ALWAYS get exp we get plagued by people who "afk" farm.
Why have a point system when you get rewarded anyway. Is it to stroke people's ego's?
They should make it so 0 points equal zero exp and gear. You don't play, you don't contribute, you don't get rewarded. This isn't some grade school where you should get a participation price just because you were there or else you might "hurt" someone. Its a game based around war, if you need a participation price from a war game it would be best to return the game and sit in the corner with your coloring books.

With the two real thorns out of the way, back to the game.
The heroes are balanced, yet there is little diversity among the heroes of the same type.
As i mentioned before, this mostly comes because of the large amount of bonuses a single piece of armor gives, but a second thing could/ would be the pigeonholing the game does when it comes to their heroes.

"Your a fat dude, so you're a defender".
"Your a skinny chick, you're an assassin".
"Something else, a vanguard/ hybrid".
Does your physique or weapon determine your playstyle, or your role on the battlefield?
Why can't a Peacekeeper be a vanguard? or a Shugoki an assassin? The first one is often the first one in the fray, and the second is feared the most because if he comes for you, you know you will get a beating.
It would do the game good if you can choose what role your hero has in the battle itself.
You want to play a Peacekeeper or Orochi as a "heavy" (defender), you should be able to do so. Having a defender that isn't a bulky slow dude is much more scary than the same old concept of playing the waiting game against a shield.

Besides the option to choose your role, and a name chance for certain roles. There should also be more roles based on certain playstyles.

The basic ones would be:
Vanguard: More points slaying small fries, more points capturing points (not guarding)
Defender (former heavy): More points guarding points, and taking down enemies on points.
Assassin: More points killing enemies, basically the hunters they are now.

New ones could be:
Soldier: The all-round fighter, excels at non, but gets points for everything.
Tactician: Gets more points for using feats. Feat unlocking happens in reverse order (unlock the most powerful feat first).

Last but not least, to increase diversity between the same heroes, the option to put your hero in "mirror mode".
Controls and everything will stay the same as they are now. Its just that the default stance, as well as attacks which always come from the same side are mirrored.
While a Nuboshi always has their zone attack from the right (left for the opponent), being in "mirror mode" will make them come from the left (right for the opponent).
This one (i assume to be) simple change would throw the whole battle in a new direction.
No more "default stance defense" because you know certain opponents will always attack from the same side (unless the attack indicator tells you differently).
Always anticipate, and always come prepared.

I love this game, and its one of the best fighting games to date in my personal books.
There are just some major (small) flaws which could balance this game with little work.
Can't wait to see what the second season brings us. Hope we knights will shine a bit more the second season.