View Full Version : Warden should be rebalanced

04-15-2017, 03:22 AM
Currently warden have two options in game to win battle.
First one spam well known shoulder charge(SC).
if your opponent newable or not fast enough to hit you when SC recharge then you have chance to win.
Second one, not entering in duel state, attack your oponent with lc x 2 and guard break until ends stamina or your luck (and opponent hit you or rise distance).
Yes you also can try to honoroble duel with your opponent but...
here hides the problem.. except also well known double light attack, fast range attack, guard break and parry you have nothing to do....(and gb and parry can do anyone in game)
all combo that have warden totally useless because they have rc that super slow and will be parried anyone in game that usually ends your death
You will lost if try to use them against your foe..

Problem that both tactic will work only against enough slow or inexperienced foe.
Not saying that these "tactics" just stupid and boring.

So main idea replace SC with some new good combos or enforce existing.

P.S. Warden high conterattack work so unpredictable that you cant respect it as usefull. Only one against whom it will work good - warden himself.