View Full Version : "I Got This" Quick Chat: USE IT

04-14-2017, 09:49 PM
IF console players communicate more with these quick chats it should solve a lot of frustrations when playing with random's. This is primarily when doing the Brawl. Players are divided on how this mode is supposed to be played SO instead of wanting to force everyone to adopt to only one kind of match style simply communicate how you prefer the match to be played. IF you are playing Brawl as a way to possibly get 2 1 vs 1 fights then at the beginning of the match tell your teammate " I got this" This will then communicate you do not wished to be saved from death.

MY side on this debate: I enjoy Brawl as 2 separate 1 vs 1 fights because it maximizes the "no gear" "No ganking" fighting game many enjoy. There are 3 modes that have plenty of that kind of play. Instead of queuing up in Duel where I"m only facing one Player's play style and character, I get the chance to fight two...WITH better map designs. SO, being fully aware this mode is about teaming up, it DOES NOT state how that team should play to win. If you thinking ganking and usually taking on a revenge'd player is fun, or sneaking in for a quick final blow because getting the "W" is more important then how you get the "W" then ok.... I don't personally enjoy that kind of Win, and like I mentioned. Elimination, Skirmish, Dominion are places FULL of that type of playing/winning. With Brawl currently being only 1 of 2 modes with no gear LET us enjoy the 1 vs 1 game at the current fullest potential. My Wish: To have a King the Hill mode for Duels.... considering we have 8 platyer game types and are able to spectate teammates I don't see why this wouldn't be achievable. So to sum it up. IF you enjoy Brawl as 1 vs 1 only USE the "I GOT THIS".. Teammates reply with either "I GOT THIS to confirm same play style" or.. "Sorry" to say Nope, I'm taking them on with you if you like it or not... IF you want to team up 2 VS 1 Start the Game with " LETS GO" Reply with "LETS GO or SORRY" IF enough players do this it can be learned and broadly understood.