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04-13-2017, 08:39 PM
Gotta question in regards of duel mode ....have been for few weeks out of the game ...
To make things clear ... iīm average , maybe slightly above average skilled player.
I know the mechanics of the game ..things like free gb after parry ...feints and other cunning ****.

But after day of warm up of eliminations , dominions and so on i returned to my beloved duel where i left like month and a half ....maybe two.
Duel used to be place where two individuals would fight 1v1 with tense , combos , and style
What did i noticed after the breaktime?
Tables turned the sides and everybody is superhero stupid monkey on crack , with reflexes that many junkies might dream about.
Idiots dancing around with like 50 feints before one real hit , occasionaly one gb as a filler to this nonsense ...and as the finisher letīs try a zone attack (wardens ,peacekeepers, orochis....)

Donīt blame me for being a noob ...but this game style ....isnīt this booring? while everybody throwing the fastest lights possible , while fishing for opponents mistakes like occasional heavy , just to have a free gb and then go from again.

I used to feint some ....but connected to combos and other stuff to make game enjoyable and have some fun.
Letīs take aside that sometimes i dont have reflexes to block all those random lighting strikes ....cause even if i do ....i wouldnīt fight like this.
Iīm not here to be the best .....iīm here to enjoy the game ...and these stupid MonkeyJunkies are just grabbing that feeling away from me.

As it stands for the other modes ....people are noticable better ....but not this ****.
Either the mechanics of the game should be changed a bit ....or these players should be executed in real life.

Feel free to share your feelings or ideas

Styles Out.