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04-13-2017, 03:19 PM
Hi there,

I think most of player will be agree that FH community isn't really nice. We actually have a huge collection of private message on Xbox where we actually are insulted. It's quite the same about the dev team and Ubisoft in general on this forum, some are mine.

I would like to place some comment here and propose you some solution because I actually think Ubisoft Montreal can make some progress in communication like the change of structure in the Dev Livestream.

First of all, let's view intern game reason of these real bad report:

- Reward structure: FH is like other Ubi game based on continuous level in up impression. You should think to change reward code so that connectivity issue don't mess up reward for playing. FH is even worse than R6 in this case because actually without a 108 hero, you have really big issues to compete.

- Reward and Balancing between Hero: There is, and still will be, really bad matchup beetween heroes in duel. You could calm down people if they know that reward is bigger if they play a duel that is not at their advantage (i personnaly consider it's the best school).

- Team double heroes: What's your opinion to force player to choose different character ? Actually a team with 2 shugoki in skirmish can be very tricky to manage ? In R6, player have to play different character.

- Environmental Kill: The choice to make distinction beetween honorable kill and the others is very interesting and could be developed. While making a kill should still have the same impact on match point, why not considering to diminish reward for environment kill ? You could even imagine trophy and reward for both type of gameplay. You should really consider to change duel maps like the forest one where you are just on a tiny bridge....

Biggest thread is about Ubimontreal communication:

Fire the Producer: He actually speak a lot to say nothing or telling lies...it also give bad impression of french people and we need some help :p There are better return from the fighter badass and from the code expert. At least when you give him some speech time, let him come with some concrete information.

Livestream Structure: You are actually dealing with lots of problem with FH coding and your communication has been too rare and poor when the issues are actually very very big. The livestream is actually a one week report without clear futur explained objective and method. Why not considering Gauthier to do another livestream where you show more inwork sessions

Life stream content: You said you will give information about inwork, inviting player to test etc, give us real feedback. For the moment, your dev livestream give us the impression of unilateral choices without real thinking and testing. Best example, conqueror nerf that was clearly needed but so badly done... People will always complain if their favorite hero become a bit weaker, but if the decision appear to be fair and explained, it will be received better.

So when you have to be convinced that lot's of player love your game and are waiting a lot about you, here come the advices:

Listen to your community and show it

Keep going with the good work and fire the producer

04-13-2017, 04:06 PM
just fix the damn connection issues. STop all the other ********: We need a stable game before anything else