View Full Version : Any change to feats soon?

04-13-2017, 01:22 AM
Just had a few dominion matches where players would just use high damage feats like javalin or some other throwing star thing. They do 70 - 90 damage or so and when you have one camping a point then another as backup from mid all they would do is exchange use of feats. They would trap onside and litterly not fight you if possible. They would run around wait for help. Really lame...
Tactics yes I'll give them that BUT the damage from feats takes away from what this game really is... a melee battle. Anyways I thought it was pretty lame and not fun in anyway cause they tried to only fight when they had another person or feats were up. Grow a pair and just fight sometimes ****!

Here's hoping to toning down damage on feats! /cheers.

Ps all on river fort, I'm guessing they do this cause of the closeness of the points.