View Full Version : Valkyrie's Shoulder Pin

04-13-2017, 12:04 AM
Recently I've been playing some Valkyrie, just because I wanna try a new hero. I love her kit so far, everything about it. It's just one little thing: Her Shoulder Pin. Supposedly it should add a bleed effect to the enemy if you quickly use an heavy attack as you deflect the enemy's attack, exactly like Peacekeeper's (except she has to use light attack instead of a heavy attack).

So my question is this: Why is it in the game?

It's completely useless as the enemy can block it. I'd much rather go for a parry (which is a lot safer) because it actually gives you the possibility to punish them. Please tell me it's not intended for it to be blockable, I mean that's just dumb. It's happened several times already, with different people, so I know for sure it's not a p2p issue. It's only happened to Nobushi though (I've only tried it against Nobushi), so maybe it only affects her? Anyway, if this is a bug (ikr, shocking) please let me know, and if it is a bug, please look into it, Ubisoft.

04-13-2017, 12:51 AM
I'm not actually sure about how the interaction is supposed to go since I don't play much Valkyrie, but I will pass your feedback over to the team :D

04-13-2017, 01:21 AM
Thank you for the quick respone :)