View Full Version : Suggestion: How to make the game better

04-12-2017, 05:23 PM
This thread is a list of suggestion to make the game better, things like hero balancing and connection improvement will not be mentioned in this list.

- Allow picking heroes before queue for better matchmaking
- Choosing map you want to play before queue
- Allow you to change heroes loadout during match (for example: more defense loadout when you are losing)
- More interaction options when you queueing, like chatting or browsing heroes
- Random heroes
- 4v4 match without gear stats

- Better chat system (friends, world chat, guild, faction etc)
- Steel/outfit... can be gifted
- Guild system

Faction war
- Priority matching players with the same faction together
- Faction war should base on win rate, not about population of players in that faction
- Attack a faction stronghold to eliminate that faction in that round
- Guild-like system for each faction, better communication to deploy war-asset tactically
- Guild fortress that hold 4-5 piece of land, members of that guild will receive increased war asset when attack/defend that area. Fortress lost when that area is conquested.

New game mode
- King of the hill: 8 players divided to 4 teams, team that hold the point for longest amount of time will win
- Colosseum: 8 players free for all, feats can be pick up around the colosseum
- Capture the flag: capture the flags from enemy base and return them to your base, each flag = 1 point, 3 points = win

Please feel free to share your idea, those are the best I can think about.

04-13-2017, 10:58 AM
well I guess my suggestions are garbage...

04-13-2017, 11:35 AM
And what you were expecting? That someone from Ubi storm here and say that those are brilliant suggestions that no one ever think about and they will implement them tomorrow? ;)

Sorry but the truth is that they have plenty suggestions already and most of them where addressed at most with bot-response. :P