View Full Version : Does matchmaker really needs to be this crap?

04-12-2017, 01:17 AM
And Im not talking about the connection problems.

Im talking about the player levels and skills.
I have never won a fight in this game. ever. i had 300 1v1 matches and won 0. Why? Because i never had the slightest chance to even fight back.
A brand new player goes into the matchmaker, and it will never find a new player. its always set limitless skill level whatever you do.
I want to enjoy this game, but not at this the cost of being an uber PRO nolifer ****.
So please can we finally do something about this crap really?
Also there are weird bugs when animations dont show, but i get hit, attack direction does not show either sometimes, so no chance of blocking either.
Many times i even die from one hits, no combo, no nothing. match starts, one hit, and im dead.

And no, its not a hardware issue, im using an asus rog strix gl502 for it.
Also everyone is lying when im asking if they are pro or not. Constantly getting the ******** answers like "im noob" and then they proceed to block, parry everything even the guard breaks, so i cant ever hit them but they kill me with one hits.

It is really infuriating, that i paid this much for a buggy glitchy ****ty peer to peer game, and i cant even play it with people on my own level.
zero casuality possible it seems.

04-12-2017, 07:08 AM
They are working on that, but since they lost most of the new userbase because of same reason, you are much more likely to play with dedicated players. My suggestion is, combine prestige with item level on matchmaking. I'm perfectly having same rage at every match yet we can do nothing bu wait for fix.
It's a standart Ubi game. At beginning, fix this,fix that; at the end, this game were terrible at start, now iths perfect.

04-12-2017, 11:48 AM
Well i couldnt even reach any prestige points. Dont know how to do it. Im only lvl20 since can never win. But yeah... i dont even play it anymore. Bought it at release. Turned out to be a scam... usual ubisoft...