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04-11-2017, 02:10 PM
Does anyone have an efficient way to grind for steel?

I do my orders and I play 4v4 game modes, but i can't seem to make more than 1k in a night of gameplay? my typical payout is 40 steel for a completed 4v4 match.

i can get like 6 to 8 matches an hour in so 6 x 40= 240 steel an hour or 8 x 40= 320 steel an hour... of course the games have to stay connected to receive any awards :D

It is extremely expensive to buy new emotes, executions, outfits, and upgrading weapons. At that rate im grinding 28 hours just to buy a new execution. That's unrealistic.

I also would like to add that the reward for winning a round has been 3 crates, (equivalent of 1500 steel) that's laughable. you can't even upgrade your weapons to max on that reward because it's not a steel reward, it's crates. Plus if your going for a certain look (i.e. the * weapons) you constantly have to scavenge in an attempt to net one.

Three ways to improve this:
1) dismantle should net some steel award along with salvage
2) decrease the cost of upgrades and extras
3) increase the post match reward of steel

You shouldn't have to dump more money into this game just to enjoy the small perks of each character. I'm not begging for the stuff to be free, but I would hope that by the time you grind to rep 3, w/o spending a single steel, you could scavenge the items with the build you want, possibly land all the * pieces for your weapon and be able to upgrade to max. That's 3 reps of grinding. Right now, that's not possible with the current payouts from matches.

04-11-2017, 02:43 PM
If you're doing orders, that's 600. If you complete the other 3 that's another 450.

It usually takes me 5+ games or so to complete the main orders depending on the order. We'll say the'yre 40 steel each. Another 200.
For secondary order which are usually longer, let's say on the short end that's another 5+ games. Another 200.

That's 1450 just for completing orders. You can play Dominion which offers the most steel I believe at 50 per match.

The highest execution I've seen is 7k steel. Will take 4 days to get said execution with this method. Im currently sitting on 35k steel. And that's after I reupped for another month of Champion status. I haven't had to spend a dime on the game since I purchased it.

04-11-2017, 02:55 PM
If you're doing orders, that's 600. If you complete the other 3 that's another 450. .

It's actually even a little better than that. You get, every day, 2 daily orders (worth 400 apiece), and then 6 contract orders every other day at 100 apiece. So every other day you get 1800 steel from just order rewards. (and1400 on a single day on Saturday). Even if you do all of your orders on AI matches, and don't play any PvP afterwards, you should be clearing around 1200 a day. If you do the orders that are in modes you like already via PvP, should be getting close to 2k a day, if not exceeding. I pull in, on average 2500 any night that I'm actually playing and not just grinding out orders (nights when no friends are on).

Edit: The math for rewards from playing matches is super rough, as it varies greatly depending on the match type, and how many of a given match you have to play to get an order done, which can also vary greatly.

04-11-2017, 03:04 PM
Its 400 for dailies and 150 for contracts now.

50 for pvp dominion.... 40 for Ai dominion, which is much faster, so Dominion Ai is likely the best way