View Full Version : The biggest waste of $60.

04-11-2017, 03:54 AM
If you own the game, recently got it and want tips or to know about it, or plan on buying the game. Hell if youre buddy youve known all your life just told you about it and checking it out, let me tell you why this game is NOT WORTH the $60, $80, or $100, or hell its not even worth a 50% discount and buying it. First off, just like every game Ubisoft has created or has had a part in making, the servers to host are absolute ****. You get put into the game and already 3 of the 4 people youre fighting or even the other guy in 1v1 has a red to green to red to green connection bar. Then there's the gearscore aspect in deathmatch and dominion. If you really havent ground out the game in the month or two its been out, youre ****ed. Like ROYALLY ****ED. There is no real climb until you do what my next point is and spam the literal same combo. Over. And over. AND Over. AND OVER. That takes no skill at all. Of course it works, but not only are the bottom of the barrel fish ****, you dont deserve to win any game you play ever. Thats like button mashing in street fighter, AND IT WORKING. OH AND THE PAY TO WIN PART. Just what I wanted Ubi****. A game with this design and caliber gameplay, WHERE YOU CAN BUY YOUR WAY TO THE TOP. PERFECT. If youre already so deep in the game, your *** is your own head, good for you. I applaud you for generally doing things yourself and taking the time to do it. However, the attitude you show within this game reflects upon the company as a whole. You dont care, thats cool. Keep ushering them to make ****tier tiered games and less dynamics and immersion. You can have the ****tty waste of it. IM OUT.

04-11-2017, 05:39 AM
Totally worth it. I have had some of the best pvp tonight that I have had in years.

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04-11-2017, 06:27 AM
Well worth the money, but not worth the extra spending with microtransactions.

I recommend a planned spending limit per-month to keep microtransactions to minimal. One might be misled into thinking the system endorses P2W and spending hundreds of dollars initially will help you get stronger instantly -- it doesn't.

04-11-2017, 11:56 AM
No need for any microtransactions at all imho - despite you want to own 105 hats, all emotes ,regardless if you like them or not, or you "main" more than 2 heroes, you want to equip with 105 hats and every emote possible.

04-11-2017, 12:11 PM
Best Game for $60 I have played in the last years except Overwatch (which is cheaper and a little bit better). But after the boring Star Wars Battlefront and Battlefield 1 these 2 Games were a blast for me.

If you start with a new hero - just go for Dominion / Deathmatch AI Matches or Duel / Brawl. I did this to gear up, after reaching Rep 3 and some purple Gear I went into Dominion / Deathmatch vs Players. You don't need 108 Gear to be equally powered. Only a few items are enough, depending on the stats you need.

04-11-2017, 12:23 PM
It's not about not caring ... I have fun and enjoy the game. Which is kinda why I bought it, funnily enough, games being a form of entertainment and all that.

04-11-2017, 12:38 PM
One of the best games i have played. Defintively the worst gaming experience ever and worst support from the devs ever. Its so annying i got at least 7-8 ppl to buy this game in the beginning. I feel so bad for them

04-11-2017, 02:53 PM
Wanna sell it for less than half price since it's not worth that much OP? Please PM me if you have it for PS4.