View Full Version : Intel i7 7700k hyperthreading crashes

04-11-2017, 12:31 AM
Ever since the most recent midseason reinforcement was introduced (Y2 S1), I've been crashing about once every other game, if not more than once per game. It's definitely got something to do with hyperthreading on the i7 7700k but I can't play without hyperthreading as the performance is terrible. I tried disabling hyperthreading which indeed prevented the crashes - but that kept my CPU at 100% all the time on all 4 cores, limiting my GTX1080 to 80% usage and giving me terrible framerate and microlags/freezes, even on every setting set to low. Normally I play on everything maxed out and still get stable 165+fps on 80-90% CPU usage... Is this a common problem for people with 7700k's? And if this is a known problem, is there an ETA for a fix? Thanks :)

07-15-2017, 04:01 AM
Hi I know its a few months old, but I found this post when searching for Intel 7700k Hyper threading Bug.
Apparently there is a recently discovered Hardware bug in Skylake and Kaby Lake processors. I only found out because I happened to look at the beta bios section on my MOBO manufacturer website. I'm not sure if its related to your issue. I just read it can cause application and system misbehaviour, data corruption, and data loss on all operating systems.