View Full Version : @Ubisoft I cant believe you didnt change this - suggestion to the matchmatching.

04-10-2017, 10:37 PM
First of all i only play duel and brawl, with that in mind:

Why the matchmatching search is skill >>> region when you have A LOT of network problems? We must play with a random dude over 2-3 countrys away because of "Skill" ???? Its not fun, for me and for the other player, red connection games with teleports ARE NOT FUN.

If you are having network problems the least you can do to make the p2p work better is to make region >>>> skill

you can train with another guy even if he is not on the same lvl, its much better than playing a teleporting match and waste time of the players lifes.

Also if you can make a mix up in the search of game modes and enter the best region based game of the selected modes (im sure it will be the one the search engine found first) for example : i want to play brawl and duel, i mark them both and the matchmatching search for a slot in any of the 2 gamemodes and prioritizes connection over anything.

04-10-2017, 11:15 PM
This will fix 50% of the dcs of the game, since p2p its a lot better in the same region and worse over distance.