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04-10-2017, 04:20 PM
Syndicate was maybe my most favorite ac game i played. The missions were well thought out and i loved the three ways of killing your target in the main assassination missions...LOVED it.

My 2 cents - things that need to be fixed.

Stop with the cargo hijack and carriage race type of missions. There have been two ac games i haven't touched Unity (because of the bugs) and Black flag- I didn't want to go 'sailin around the world' as an assassin and i don't want to steal a cart or win a carriage race to gain the weapon i want. Keep it to the child liberation, gang strong hold- (loved these in syndicate), sabotage this or that, or lieutenant hunts (although trying to take them back alive got boring). I want killing people to be the focus of a game called assassins creed, i get it, their creed is to help the innocent or whatever but...more killy less runny around

Fix the cover and run system....When i am doing missions and trying to time my sneak around the corner right as the guard turns his head away, the most ANNOYING thing is getting stuck on a corner of the staircase or right at the door entry then being caught when the gaurd turns his head back. That has been a problem for me in every installment I've played, controlling how my assassin moves. When i would have to chase someone this would happen as well, idk if i need to just move a little slower but i always seem to get stuck on random crap at the worst times. I personally wouldn't object to making it more of a splinter cell type moving scheme where you press a button to go into cover not just crouch there for half a second like creed (absolutely loved blacklist too).

Let us have the option of replaying the game from the beginning with or without our high gear, not just selective missions/memories.

Last thing - Do not ever take the grappling climbing thing out of the game, even if you have to make it a simple rope with a loop that doesn't go very far, the game is way more enjoyable when i don't have to spend three minute climbing a 500 foot structure to get a viewpoint. If people didn't like it they can still climb the old fashion way... on that note keep fast travel.

Keep up the good work can wait to play the next installment.

04-10-2017, 04:29 PM
ALMOST forgot!!! Half the reason i made this thread. Don't shy away from the abstergio story i LOVED hunting for ancient artifacts with ezio and the whole story with desmond miles. KEEP THAT IN THE GAME!!

04-11-2017, 01:36 AM
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