View Full Version : AC3 and 4 Bad optimized, how I solutionate?

04-08-2017, 06:24 PM
Hello, i'm from Argentina so, i say for now my english perhaps it gonna be bad.
So, i have a A4 6300 with a AMD Radeon HD 8370d, 6 gb of RAM, i see a video, the game with 8gb of RAM runs 30 fps with an options activated

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVXQAp2eoUo (it's in spanish, but in the comments the guy put in english the config)

My game goes very bad, it's weird, i have the PIRATE version (ba dum tss), the optimization of the game i so bad, i cannot understand why Ubisoft thinks more in the consoles than the PC, at least they don't launch a few patchs (i have the v1.07) to optimizate the game, same with AC3, Boston goes like hell and i don't know how to do for run it well, the f%&#ing problem is on Boston, please Ubisoft, if you read this, why you do this? My opinion is not launch more AC games, you have to FIX the old AC games, please do something

04-10-2017, 12:28 AM
I'm sorry but you are using a very weak laptop. It is not made to run AAA games.

If a game is made to run on a 15000 Argentinian peso pc and it is being played on a 5000 peso pc ... you need to understand that the pc is not powerful enough.

It is impossible for games to keep getting bigger and better but still play on pc's and laptops that are old or not made to run AAA games.

In a few years my pc will not be powerful enough to play the AAA games I can either buy a console or spend ten times as much money on a pc... it is very expensive to play games on a pc but I prefer it.
I know it does not help and I know technology in Argentina is very very expensive but, you have to face the same decision. You need to buy a much better pc to play AAA games or a console.

Game makers cannot move staff away from making new games for 10 million people, to work on a 5 year old game so 20 people can play it. They would go broke.