View Full Version : Matchmaking on vs off

04-07-2017, 11:40 PM
Ubi, pls adjust the amount of experience/gold gained in matcheswithout matchmaking. Sometimes i cant play a single match due to errors or laggy bandwitch, then i play without matchmaking....problem is, that if you play without it, you gain half the experience compared to a match with it.

Well it could even end the problems with the AFK farmers, as they will have their own match to do whatever they like. Ofc its not something to justifytheir action, they still need to get punished. But it will solve some issues, at least temporarily while you figure an effective way to ban them.

Also, a question buggin me for a while now......why custom matches dont give us exp? and why they cant be played when the game is down? its the best way to play the game while waiting for maintenance & updates, the game could really benefit from offline game modes.