View Full Version : Something is wrong with the matchmaking

04-07-2017, 10:41 PM
This is really frustrating. Today we had a nice set of dailies that told us to go play brawl. Today we had a nice weekly event that told us to go play duel. But every time i wanted to enjoy these two modes, i kept getting the exact same enemies. Ok, sometimes they were placed at my side. But, playing for about an hour against the exact same people is kinda too much. About 7/10 matches i had were like this. Not just me, other people were getting frustrated about that. They started griefing, talking **** in chat, leaving - it was horrible. So, what the hell Ubi? Is the player count really that low? Or your matchmaking is broken? Make a timer or something, i dunno, so that people would stop being repeatedly matched against same enemies.