View Full Version : Solution to Cowardly Play at End of Match

04-07-2017, 07:46 PM
Cowardly Play: Refusing to fight anywhere so that time runs out and either they get the draw or just troll everyone in the game for several long minutes

The Problem
This has not been too much of problem now but will once Ranked/Competitive play begins. Just came from an Elimination match where the enemy team had 3 people left against our Shogoki. After a close fight, the Shogoki made it a 1v1. The other player was convinced that he would lose so decided to run around the map for the duration of the time. That way his team would get a tie round instead of a loss. After a little back and forth messaging, he stated that "He plays to win and didn't think he could beat him". There is no doubt that we will see more of these kind of players once competitive mode is released.

The Solution
Elimination: After x amount of time, an objective (fairly large circle) appears somewhat central in the map. There can be hazards nearby or not (at least people will fight). The zone takes a while to capture and operates much like a dominion zone. Game ends if zone is captured. Destiny: Trials of Osiris has pretty much this exact same thing. Love or hate destiny, its a mechanic that forces people to fight.

- Haven't really seen these issues in other modes, but possible suggestion: -
Skirmish: Once a team is broken, a new timer begins (3-5 minutes). Once that time is reached, same thing as above.

Dominion: Once a team is broken, a new timer begins (3-5 minutes). Once that time is reached, if the losing team is not contesting a zone or owning a zone, they lose.