View Full Version : Fixing Turtle Meta Mechanic Suggestion

04-07-2017, 07:45 AM
Just think about a mechanic where your 3 guard indicators get cracked after blocking several attacks from that direction to the point where they collapse.

Light attack = 1 dmg on that indicator side.
Heavy attack = 2 dmg on that indicator side.
Guard break = 0.5 dmg on all 3 indicators.

Let's say vanguards and hybrids have 3 hp on their indicators, heavies have 4 and assassins have 2.

Indicator health regenerates in a similar manner to shugoki's hyper armor.

04-08-2017, 01:09 PM
but I don't think it's a solution. Sounds a little unbalanced, the faster heroes would be at an even greater advantage than they allready are. and personally i think it also sounds a little unfun.